Acorn Scorch

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Acorn Scorch

Cast NPC
First appearance 5/28/2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Earth Pony
Age 27
Gender Male
Occupation Farmer
Significant Other

Basic Information

Loyal soldier of Olymponis and Portal Guinea Pig.


Acorn is timid and soft spoken, but fiercely loyal to those who have proven themselves to him. At home digging his hooves into the dirt, his talent for renewing infertile soil gives him a tendency to make him aid causes others would believe hopeless.

Pre-RP History

Forced by the Empress Generica to serve as a soldier in the hopes of seeing Olymponis rise again and bloom with new life, Acorn Scorch chafed beneath her harsh rule.

RP History

When Amethyst Vein rebelled against Generica during Mary and Sue's raid to free Coral Current, Acorn was one of the first to lay down his weapon.

Acorn Scorch volunteered to step through the test portal created by the Olymponis unicorns in an attempt to connect their kingdom to Ostfriesen. Instead, he found himself stumbling into The Lusty Seapony, where he struggled to maintain his dignity. He was relieved when Amethyst Vein emerged from the portal with a length of rope, allowing him to navigate back through the portal without incident.

Since the defeat of Generica and Amethyst's new rule, he has fully embraced his love of farming, with aid from Equestria, he has been coaxing new life from the once dead and barren land surrounding his home.