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Cast Antagonist
First appearance January 6, 2013
Creator Whiteout
Player Whiteout
Species Gryphon
Gender Male
Family Muir (brother)
Significant Other

Basic Information


Pre-RP History

RP History

Seeing a way to get what he wanted out of the deal while protecting his illicit business interests, Aidan made arrangements to aid Mite and her 'sisters' in breaking out of a Guard prison. In exchange, they traveled to Ponyville and arranged the abduction of his brother, Muir. Meeting the Changelings and their prey in a secluded part of the Everfree Forest, Aidan took some time to gloat over his brother and dish out a little pain before Muir was to be shipped off through the Swaybacks to spend the rest of his life a food source for one of the Changeling hives there.

His willingness to work with something even more ruthless than himself was his undoing, as Tick slew him at Mite's command to tie up loose ends, and his corpse was unceremoniously dumped in a ravine within the Everfree.