Airy Draft

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Airy Draft
Cast Secondary
First appearance October 4, 2014
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Pegasus
Gender Female
Occupation Cartographer
Significant Other

“Sometimes what makes you special is just how normal you really are”

Basic Information

A freelance cartographer who spends her days relaxing and building rube goldberg machines while waiting for her next job.


Patient and rather cunning, Airy would rather plot some elaborate scheme than get in a fight. She can be a bit of a practical joker, but spends more time setting up the prank than actually enjoying it. Despite her playful nature, Airy has grown up a lot and often holds an air of maturity.

Pre-Appearance History

Born and raised in Ponyville, Airy has never been anything special. She was average in school, average in work, and too lazy to apply herself in anything else. This laziness eventually came back to bite her when she skipped her final test in school to become a Cartographer. She had decided to study Hydrography, saying it sounded easy, without realizing she had never been near open water before. As it turns out, Airy is terrified of open water. Unable to get on the boat the first day, she was fired on the spot. She has since learned to put more effort into her daily life and become a bit of a neat freak.

Not minding spending time alone, Airy tends to take on larger jobs that most other cartographers don't want. It was on one of these jobs that she found her pet lemur, Laurence. They kept each other company while she worked until one day he had fallen asleep in her saddlebags. Not noticing this, Airy began the long flight home. She decided to keep Laurence, despite his terrorizing of just about everything in his new home, and tends to pay triple for anyone to pet sit...

RP History

Recently returned to Ponyville after a rather long job. She can be found in The Lusty Seapony most early afternoons, but tends to vacate before the regulars show up, this is where she met Recondite and apparently developed a fondness for the young cartographer.