Amber Fern

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Amber Fern
Cast Primary
First appearance October 25, 2013
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Unicorn
Age 26
Gender Female
Occupation Florist
Significant Other

Basic Information

A unicorn florist and alchemist, Amber has suffered terrible physical and emotional abuse, most obviously symbolized the loss of her horn, cut from her head long ago. Now, through the kindness of strangers, she has begun a new life in Ponyville, and struggles to reconcile her past with her new life, and embrace her new friends.


Once very outgoing and friendly, Amber has since become more shy and withdrawn. She is slow to trust, and sometimes falls into a depressed and bitter state. When talking to others about plants or alchemical processes, she can become very excited by the conversation. As she continues to interact with others and find friends, she is slowly emerging from her shell, some vestige of the pony she was before returning to the fore.

Pre-Appearance History

Born and raised in Fillydelphia, Amber Fern grew up in the heart city, her father was a unicorn, and her mother an earth pony. Her mother suffered from migraines, and Amber often did what she could to help. Eventually, she earned her cutie mark by creating a willow poultice from the bark of a tree growing in the Fillydelphia park. Her talents for growing plants and mixing potions increased as she grew older, and eventually with her parents help, she opened a small greenhouse in the midst of the city, 'The Amberfern Greenhouse'.

Soon after, she met Obscure Rhythm, a DJ on the Fillydelphia rave scene, and the two struck up a fast relationship. After a few months of an intense relationship, Amber was devastated to find Obscure stealing herbs from her Greenhouse. A low-ranking member of the Leaf Cartel, Obscure Rhythm was stealing ingredients for the drugs he pushed at the raves. Amber followed him in secret, and discovered where he was taking the plants. Unwilling to turn a blind eye, Amber went to the guard with her information. The Guard raided the drop off point and arrested Obscure Rhythm.

Amber confronted Obscure, trying to apologize and learn why he did what he'd done. But he wasn't sorry, instead, he only promised that the Cartel would find her, and make her pay. The Guard moved quickly to place Amber into a Witness Protection program. She was moved to Shirecago, and took up a new identity, Saffron Tea, working in a small cafe.

Soon, Amber met the pegasus Upper Tier, and was swept up in a whirlwind romance. The burgeoning young architect seemed to be perfect, but it soon became obvious he was too perfect. Summer Leaf, head of the Leaf Cartel, was pursuing a particular pony who had opposed her organization, and Amber fit the description. Upper Tier, in actuality the Spy Master Sly Credence, betrayed her, trading her to the Leaf Cartel for information. Amber was not who Summer Leaf was searching for, but that did not spare Amber from the criminal's rage.

Returned to Fillydelphia, Amber was deemed too valuable to dispose of. Her skill with plants and alchemy was used to grow and produce narcotics, any resistance was beaten out of her, and to further prevent her defiance, the Cartel enforcer White Riot sawed her horn off. Amber spent the following years in a personal hell, her talents used to create poisons and increase the Cartel's power, while she was only rewarded with pain.

RP History

Amber toiled, losing hope and slowly dying inside, her mind shattering bit by bit. Her freedom came unexpectedly, with an explosion that rocked the Cartel headquarters in Fillydelphia. A group of ponies had raided the building to rescue a friend, and in the aftermath, Amber found herself alone in the buildings alchemy lab. She waited, and when no pony came, she quickly gathered up as many of the drug products she could, and in raiding a nearby room for a disguise, she found White Riot dead before fleeing the building.

Free, but broken, Amber was able to make some money selling the narcotics she herself had made, using the money to survive as she made her way back to Shirecago. Believing her past was dead, she embraced the old name of Saffron Tea, and became obsessed with finding 'Upper Tier'. She'd been punished for her evil, she reasoned, she wasn't worth saving, but neither was he. If she was going to be cast as the villain, she would expose him, and punish him accordingly.

Hate, jealousy, and fear drove Amber to discover Sly's true identity and current whereabouts in Canterlot, and she formulated a plan to take from him everything that mattered. She would destroy his friends, his loved ones, and then him. And so she came to Ponyville, intent to target Night Flurry. Instead, she met Spades, Crystal Glint, and Nocturne Star.

The three ponies sympathized with the clearly wounded Saffron, trying to get in close. Spades, believing she was trying to save a life, offered his assistance, and Saffron took advantage of him to gather the deadly Night's Veil from the Everfree Forest. Crystal and Nocturne in turn began to befriend her, and began to see just how damaged she was.

Saffron moved her time table forward, seemingly unable to strike at Night Flurry, she abandoned Ponyville and moved to Canterlot. There, she attempted to use Crystal's home as a base of operations while sending out a challenge directly to Sly. As she went out to confront the monster she blamed for making her, she poisoned Crystal as a test of her own resolve, intending to kill her.

Confronting Sly, Saffron was outmatched. Sly, in an attempt to make amends for his past, prevented her from doing anything to him or herself, doing what he could to talk her out of perpetuating this cycle of revenge. As her attempts to destroy Sly failed, her failures and the guilt of killing Crystal nearly broke her, but Sly prevented her from killing herself. Crystal, however, had survived, saved by Spades from an apparently non-lethal dose of Night's Veil. As Saffron faded into darkness, she dreamed of seeing Crystal forgiving her.

She awoke in Canterlot's hospital, safe. With Crystal, Nocturne, and Spades all nearby, she cast away the name Saffron, becoming Amber once again. Placed on a parole, Canterlot Guard Drift Rime offered Amber a chance at a new life, seeing a therapist while reporting to him on her progress. Crystal Glint, backed in secret by Sly Credence, built Amber a new home in Ponyville, a Greenhouse.

Partnering with Spades, Amber called her new business Bluefern Greenhouse and Floral. She struggled to trust herself, and others, enough to open her business, but with the help of her friends, managed at last to open the doors. Since then, her mood and self have improved steadily, even to the point where upon meeting the unicorn Firebug, she developed a crush, even as she remains wary of entering another romantic relationship.

Despite a recent terrifying run-in with the dark magic user Fairy, Amber continues to recover with the help of her friends.