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Cast Ostfriesen
First appearance March 13, 2012
Creator thattagen
Player Various
Species Anon
Age Anon
Gender Anon
Occupation Anon
Family n/a
Significant Other n/a

Basic Information

Tapping into the various portals and dimensional rifts throughout Ostfriesen Castle, it was only a matter of time before something came through. The Anons are nameless, formless things from an unknown plain, resembling strangely shaped shadows that never gain any definitive detail.


More annoying than anything else, anons seek to be disruptive, annoying, and sometimes just plain rude.

RP History

A large group of Anons attempted to settle into Ostfriesen for some time, the shadowy creatures spent a good deal of their time harassing Mary and Sue. Most of the creatures were eventually swept back through the portal they emerged from, a random few still roam through Ostfriesen, seeking to cause mischief wherever possible.