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Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Zebra
Age 27
Gender Male
Occupation Entrepreneur
Significant Other

Basic Information


More than a little hedonistic, Anwar tends to live in the moment, enjoying the little things. He takes his easy-going attitude very seriously.Anwar also has a tendency to slip into malapropisms, especially when he gets flustered.

Pre-RP History

Born in the zebralands, Anwar left for Equestria at an early age, leaving his family behind. He put his analytical skills to good use, seeking out small jobs and markets where he could fill in the gaps. A number of career changes and several cities later, Anwar found himself with modest capital to start a new business, which he quickly put to work in Ponyville after discerning that a new small brewery was just what Equestria needed. Still in the early stages of the operation, Anwar spends much of his time trying to get his new business situated and on its feet.

RP History