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Cast Primary
First appearance March 9, 2012
Creator FoxOfWar
Player FoxOfWar
Species Unicorn
Age 47
Gender Female
Occupation Retired Physics and
Arts teacher
Family Sunrise(daughter)
Northern Wind
Summer Wind (adopted daughters)
Significant Other Nocturne Star

Basic Information


Generally questioning of strangers, and snarky to a rather stupid degree. Prefers being alone(or with close friends) most of the time, but is not afraid to get into arguments or butting her head in places it should not logically be in, especially when drunk and/or tired. Has a tendency to argue with herself a fair bit, sometimes even aloud, due to the two sides of her brain (artistic and logical) not agreeing on what to do - even more so if emotions that haven’t stirred in ages are in question. Still, possesses sharp wit, short temperament and doesn’t take nonsense from anypony. Is the unofficial Element of Self-Loathing because of her tendency to fault herself for everything first. She is much more pleasant if you get to know her though, and is a bit socially awkward in the matters of heart.

Pre-Appearance History

Northern Lights was born to the unlikely pair of an artist and math teacher (both unicorns). And we’re talking about the “sighs at the clouds more than waves any art tool about” and “does she know anything else but numbers?”-types, respectively. Even more unlikely was her inheriting, more or less, a bit of both her parents’ special talents, making her somewhat of a multi-tasker... although one could argue that this only ends up in her using too much artistic licence when it comes to teaching about laws of physics and too many rules when teaching arts.

Despite her birth name being Northern Lights, the name everyone calls her is Aurora; it’s easier to remember than her actual name, and it usually matches her rather colorful language when drunk. It also used to match her hairdo some aeons ago, when it was colored in the whole spectrum of rainbow. The nickname was given by her sister, but it stuck.

She ended up being a teacher not because she was particularly good at it(somepony would argue that you’d need actual “people skills” for that), but because she wasn't very good at anything else. You know, the absolute worst kind of teacher. The common opinion about the cranky mare is that she should’ve been retired way earlier than just some months back. Her teaching methods were old (“ancient” is the term some use) and her attitude is worse. The actual reason of her retiring in her early-40’s is not known to many, but hushed whispers speak of her finally going over her head in her teaching methods but still managing to not get officially fired...

RP History

Aurora came to Ponyville on a premise of "vacation", that later turned out to be her way of saying she was under investigation for faulty behaviour, started by one Ivory Hex. She got along with some of the Seapony Crew - and about the same rate, managed to get on the bad side of others. She also quickly developed a crush on Mahogany, but that was a quick crash course for a disaster as Nassy had the same idea. Quick shouting match and talk later, Nassy had Mahogany but all three remained fast friends. Mahogany in particular remained a steady drinking buddy for Aurora whenever the crazy overwhelmed them.

Aurora found more permanent love in Blizzard Breeze and Bree's significant other, Kinyua. Even though Aurora was almost twice the age of either of them, the trio quickly became known for being inseparable. Aurora's love had first big bump when Bree was magically first changed into Sleet then later the two became separate entities. Distrust of any magical changes, in particular gender-changes was Aurora's go-to reaction, and sadly these kind of things followed the Crew quite a bit. Aurora slowly developed a reputation for freakouts over incidents in the bar.

Meanwhile, Aurora also got permanently suspended from Canterlot University, but almost immediately afterwards her friend Teardrop] helped her get a position with the Alchemist Brotherhood, teaching would-be world saviors how laws of physics work (before they break them).

A conversation about families and their similar family names (Light and Lights) with Night Flurry inspired Aurora to go to Canterlot Archives to do a bit of family study. There, she found the last thing she expected - apparently she had given birth to a foal some twenty years before, but she had no memory of it. She asked her sister Borealise about it, but got no answer. Things came to a head when she talked about this oddity to one Sunrise, who turned out to be one First Lights of Dawn... Aurora's daughter. After some back-and-forth and demanding answers out of Borealise, it turned out that Aurora had gotten pregnant off of a one-night stand, then shoved the baby to her infertile sister to take care and wiped her memory of it ever happening magically. This particular decision has ever since haunted Aurora after she found out.

Cracks in the Sexy Love Triangle started to be felt as Snowy Veldt took the world by adorable. Except... Aurora was not feeling it that much. Not her child was a thought that followed and bothered her a lot. She tried to keep at it, being 'mostly happy' for the sake of her now-family. She was also disturbed to learn more about the extent Bree and Kinyua used and loved the gender-swap collars, not wanting a thing to do with those. But the nail in that coffin came when Aurora realized that thanks to Sunrise being the same age as her lovers, her mind took a loop or two, and now she couldn't have sex with them without thinking that she was having it with her daughters. After long contemplation, she parted ways with Bree and Kinyua.

In that fallout, she found one Eternal Torch, and they seemed to hit it off right away. Finally, a mare of her age. This was very short-lived though, as it turned out Eternal was actually a changeling named Flea who drained Aurora for cruel amusement. Even more so once Flea noticed a particular twitch deep in Aurora's psyche...

Aurora started to wake up outside in odd places and no memories of the night before. She had started to turn, on a nightly basis, into a huge primal hellbeast of a unicorn, a beast from time before ponies were ponies. She would get over twice the size, basically a big feral horse with no intelligence behind her eyes.

Meanwhile, the Seed sisters were caught. Aurora learned of Sleet killing Flea, and was extremely conflicted about the whole deal for a long time. While she had been lied to and used, she never got any closure with "Eternal Torch" either. Her already slight resentment of Sleet grew to new heights, and she started to leave room if he would arrive.

Aurora tried every possible and impossible cure for the condition, but in the end even Princess Celestia did not have a fix. Best she learned was to 'become one' and accept what was going. She started to gain a degree of control over the nature of her changes, even regaining somewhat sentient as she changed.