Autumn Blaze

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Autumn Blaze

Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Pegasus
Age 22
Gender Female
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Significant Other

Basic Information


Divides into her “made up” and her “real” personality. Normal mode - Incredibly carefree, and always looking to have fun in pretty much every possible way. Regardless, she’s a very dependable pegasus that always gets the job done, always looking to the positive side of things.

Hunter mode - Still very carefree, although tends to be very cynical when it comes to matters of her work. She always gets the job done, even if that means hurting others in the process. A boundless free spirit for which rules do not exist.

Pre-RP History

Born in Dodge Junction, Autumn was a cheerful filly that always liked to play. Given the limited resources of her family, who were merchants, she never attended school, instead being taught by her parents the basic knowledge all pegasi must have. They didn’t have much, but for Autumn, she had more than enough.

Her joyful life came to a dead end when a group of bandits, common around the frontier town, raided her family’s caravan after a day of business at town. The bandits mercilessly murdered her parents, letting the filly live out of pity. She was picked by another group passing by, owners of a local orphanage, spending most of her life there. The trauma of the experience slowly turned into resentment, hate, and once she was old enough to travel on her own, desire for revenge. She slowly climbed the ranks of bounty hunters with her self-taught abilities, finally reaching a point where she decided to look for her parent’s murderers. The sunset was painted crimson by the blood of the ponies she slaughtered that day.

She met up Aqua at the Zebralands after his escape from the Seapony Crew, when she was exploring the outer world. and was convinced by his sweet talking into supporting him. He promised to give her what she truly desired so much: company and love.

RP History