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Cast NPC
First appearance February 9, 2012
Creator n/a
Player n/a
Species Earth Pony
Age n/a
Gender n/a
Occupation Barkeep
Family None
Significant Other

“ ... ”

Basic Information

Owner and only employee of The Lusty Seapony.


Barkeep is a figure of mystery, completely silent, serving drinks crafted with painstaking detail. If the strange requests, odd ponies, and occasional flares of violence within his bar have bothered him, he has never responded with any sign of displeasure.


Barkeep cannot be accurately described, as every pony who looks at him seems to see him differently, and upon leaving the bar, can never quite describe what they saw. The majority of ponies describe the Barkeep as male, but there are others who have said she is female. Oddly, those who have met Barkeep do not seem to be bothered by any of these facts beyond a vague curiosity.

Pre-Appearance History

While no information is forthcoming, it is known that Barkeep has had dealings with a strange organization only known as The Order, having come in contact with a representative named Element, a Messenger who at one time requested aid of the Barkeep.

Beyond this unknown association, Barkeep has always been the owner and operator of The Lusty Seapony.

RP History

Barkeep continues to operate the bar, he has taken little interest in the town outside, and continues to attend his station and his customers.