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Cast Primary
First appearance April 22, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Pegasus
Age ~1200 (Now Deceased)
Gender Male
Occupation Former Lord of Olymponis
Family Mary
Sue (daughters)
Significant Other Tapioca
Amethyst Vein

Basic Information

The Lord of the Ancient Pegasus Kingdom Olymponis, sealed eternally into the remnants of his armor.


Militarily minded and a brilliant strategist, Bellerophon is a passionate pony in all things. He is quick to anger, holds grudges easily, but at the same time, holds a strong fire for life, and to protect those who most deserve it.

He holds himself above other ponies, believing his way superior to other rulers.

Pre-Appearance History

Over twelve-hundred years ago, the stallion Swift Wing ascended to the throne of Olymponis, taking the name of Bellerophon to become the most powerful Ruler and War Leader of Olymponis. Under his reign, Olymponis tapped into the power of the dormant volcano Mount Hoofaestus to create an incredible installation known as The Forge, which allowed them to become a predominant military power.

When the Wyvern Empire, allied with several Gryphon Tribes, attempted to conquer the farm lands surrounding the city, Bellerophon rallied his people and lead from the fore, wiping out the Wyverns down to every single egg. He returned home a hero, and would become a figure of legend.

As a ruler, Bellerophon was in constant contention with a country which bordered Olymponis to the southeast, Ostfriesen Castle. The ruler of that country, Queen Tapioca, was an equally ambitious military mind, causing the two to keep at constant odds. The countries also shared borders with small up-and-coming nation Equestria, ruled by the Princesses Celestia and Luna. Equestria sought alliances, and Celestia pushed to ensure that Olymponis and Ostfriesen were at peace, for fear that Equestria would be caught in the crossfire of a war. She stressed peace talks, and her powerful negotiation would eventually bring Bellerophon and Tapioca together to talk peace.

It was at these peace negotiations that the two firebrand leaders butted heads, time and again, raging at one another in barely contained hate... which would shatter into a barely contained passion. Bellerophon and Tapioca were in love, and could not afford the world to see. They continued to hold aggressive negotiations, with Celestia attempting to broker the peace between them. Behind the scenes, they slowly became friends, often meeting with Celestia and Luna without the decorum of rule at a strange bar.

Bellerophon would continue to rule in relative peace, save for raids from griffon bandits, still holding grudges after the war. During one such raid, Bellerophon led his warriors in battle successfully, but the true tragedy occured back home, as the volcano erupted, awakening the ancient dragon Monolyth, whose emergence from the ground tore Olymponis asunder. Gathering the survivors, Bellerophon led a shattered group of Pegasi to Equestria, where he pled with Celestia to allow the ponies once under his rule to settle there. Celestia agreed, and in response, Bellerophon swore to defend her kingdom.

As Equestria rallied with Bellerophon to lead a force against Monolyth and help protect Ostfriesen, Tapioca emerged, having defeated the dragon and secured a boon for each of the rulers. While Celestia and Luna chose to pass, Tapioca accepted to see her country prosper. Bellerophon accepted, asking for the power and ability to defend the ponies that had been under his rule for all eternity. He received this boon. And Tapioca hers. Unbeknownst to Bellerophon, Tapioca was pregnant with twins, his children. But, the Dragon sealed its boon by tying it to the unborn, who would be named Mary, and Sue.

When Bellerophon learned of these two, he assumed it was a betrayal, that Tapioca had allowed the Dragon to create the life within her, and that it had tainted her and her lands with madness, as soon after, Ostfriesen fell silent, all attempts at contact only resulting in reports of monster attacks.

Bellerophon raged against Monolyth, and swore to destroy the abominations the dragon had spawned. And although Celestia forbid him from taking his rage to Ostfriesen, Bellerophon continued to serve as her champion, leading armies against Darkness unfathomable. He would emerge victorious time and again, but eventually succumbed to his age. With his death, Celestia sent Bellerophon's remains into Ostfriesen, in the hopes of getting them to Tapioca. But only in death did the extent of Bellerophon's curse become known.

He awoke disembodied, floating in nothing, a vague sense of his surroundings. And he sat, waiting, for over a thousand, in darkness, silence. The dragon's voice coming to him once, explaining the Bracer's power, and telling him to await the sacrifice of a hero to resurrect him. Bellerophon screamed at the dragon in rage and futility, but received no response. He was bound to his armor forever, and would be tied to anypony worthy who wore it.

Over hundreds of years, Bellerophon screamed in the dark. The Bracer of his armor was found by Mary and Sue, and placed into the Treasure vaults, given to knights and adventurers, but none ever heard his voice.

RP History

Upon an incident in the Bar causing young Night Flurry to be injured, Mary and Sue felt bad. They gave Night a piece of treasure from their armory, an innocuous bracer said to have shielding properties. But the bracer was soon discovered to be that of Lord Bellerophon.

Bellerophon waited, speaking to the Stallion in dreams, trying to influence him, until at last, in Night's absolutely withdrawal from the world, Bellerophon spoke to him, and soon after, was able to exert himself, able to speak and move in Night's body, pushing the stallion's mind away. His first action was to attempt to kill Mary and Sue, followed by an attempt to kill HP Lovecolt. As Dusky Down watched her love fall away, she fled, causing Night to push back, and causing Bellerophon to see the pain of a shattered love, a pain he remembered all too well from his own heartbreak with Tapioca.

Bellerophon withdrew, dwelling in Night's mind, contemplating his desire to live versues the painful cost. When Mary and Sue approached again, asking for Bellerophon's help to retake The Forge from The Empress and save Coral Current, Night and Dusky agreed to let him go, and in Night's body, Bellerophon returns to Olymponis. There, he fights alongside Mary and Sue, intent upon murdering everypony who would defile his ancient home, until Mary pointed out that those defilers included many innocents, cowering in the ruins.

Bellerophon stopped the madness, sparing the lives of the soldiers who had been tricked by The Empress to fight for her. Their leader, Amethyst Vein, shone as another pure soul, and after the battle, he passed the bracer containing his essence from Night Flurry, to Amethyst, determined to stay with her to raise Olymponis to its former glory.

Over the months together, Bellerophon would guide Amethyst to become the leader of her people, trying not to exert control over her. Over time, Amethyst would fall in love with Bellerophon, and he would return her feelings as best he was able. And as they Empress returned time and again, Bellerophon sought out help from his allies in Ostfriesen, slowly building a relationship with Mary and Sue, leading him to realize that they were, in fact, his children, and that Tapioca never betrayed him at all... thus allowing him to move on from his old hatreds.

When the Empress returned in full to conquer or destroy Olymponis, the final confrontation nearly cost Amethyst her life, and in the end, Bellerophon was forced to fully embrace her body, his power unleashed, allowing him to defeat the Empress, but at terrible cost.

Seeking a way to undo this, Bellerophon would eventually seek out Mary and Sue to go on a quest to find the ancient dragon Monolyth, and negotiate with him, or destroy him, to undo the boon and restore Amethyst. The quest is successful, and as he anticipated, against the wishes of Mary, Sue, and Amethyst, Bellerophon sacrificed himself to restore the mare he had come to love.