Blizzard Breeze

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Blizzard Breeze
Cast Primary
First appearance 20 February, 2012
Creator Bree
Player Bree
Species Pegasus
Age 24
Gender Female
Occupation Equestria Weather Bureau
- Head of Seasonal Planning
and Training
Family First Frost (father)
Sirocco Breeze (mother)
Sleet (brother/clone)
Snowy Veldt (daughter)
Significant Other Kinyua

Basic Information

Currenty very pregnant...

[edit: no longer pregnant]


Fun-loving and determined. Bree is just as happy hanging out with friends as she is working alone or spending time at home with her special somepony.

Pre-Appearance History

Blizzard Breeze grew up in the small northern town of Fetlock Falls, where all she ever wanted to be was a weather pony like her father. In her youth, she was a chronic loner, prone to vanishing for hours on long flights. On one of these flights, Bree earned her cutie mark when she discovered her affinity for winter weather and the ability to shepherd snow clouds under her wings, accidentally bringing a blizzard back to town with her.

Bree came out of her shell once she went off to Weather College in Cloudsdale and Canterlot, becoming much more well-rounded as she saw more of the world. She’s a pony of unusual tastes and habits, but is deeply devoted to her hometown and her loved ones.

RP History

Bree recently gained a more senior position with the Weather Service, and will be working in Canterlot teaching the next generation of weather ponies how to excel at winter weather production.

Due to Bree’s experimentation with magical devices, she and Kinyua now have a foal.