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Cast Primary
First appearance September 16, 2012
Creator TerribleTransit
Player TerribleTransit
Species Earth Pony
Age 33
Gender Female
Occupation Musician
Family Cobble Stone (father)
Quiet Harmony (mother)
Golden Hour (half-brother)
Shuttersnap (stepfather)
Significant Other Icicle Gleam

Basic Information

Is green.


Both friendly and “friendly” (if you know what I mean), Bluegrass tends to get straight to the point when she meets somepony new. She wants to get to know them better… usually intimately. Thought she generally won’t push her luck when genuinely rebuffed, almost no one will be spared a proposition. Despite her unconventional methods of socializing, Bluegrass tends to be a loner when not engaged in more unorthodox activities. She can often be found in her free time lounging around, improvising a song to fit her mood—usually melancholy.

Pre-Appearance History

Bluegrass was born and raised in Ponyville, discovering a knack for music in general, and the guitar in particular, fairly early in her life. She travels throughout Equestria to land paying work, and although she keeps an apartment in Ponyville that she calls “home”, in recent years she’s been away more than she’s been at home, hunting down gigs in other towns. Other than these basic facts, Bluegrass is quiet about her past. If pressed, she’ll drop hints about an event (or events) in her past that’s caused her to become somewhat disillusioned with relationships, but the details are still unknown.

RP History