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Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Unicorn
Age 25
Gender Female
Significant Other

Basic Information


She’s really nice to everypony and shows her feelings everytime to everypony who’s with her. But really, she just wanted to BURN EVERYTHING

Pre-RP History

She has lived all alone in orphanage. She got never adopted. everyday she was walking in ponyville and doing pranks to everypony who came next to her. Sometimes she was in trouble and sometimes she got somepony laugh. When she grew up she started to help a lot other ponies in work’s cleaning and selling food. When she was old enough she moved to her own home.

RP History

Came to town one day asking about lunch! Only to admit that she lived in town! She had just been visiting somewhere else and... Alright, I'm lost.

Very vague, never really contributed to a scene. But there was that one time she gave Luminescence a tent. So I guess that way a thing? Sure. Otherwise, nothing to report.