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Cast Ostfriesen
First appearance July 8, 2013
Creator Trixingno
Player Trixingno
Species Robot
Gender Female
Occupation Ostfriesen knight
Family Search Light ("brother")
Significant Other

Basic Information

A hoof-to-hoof combat robot specialized for sentry and guardian roles.


Ceratania believes herself a paragon of righteousness and all that is good, but in reality is vindictive, arrogant and quick to enrage. She typically assigns demeaning nicknames to even those she considers her allies. Despite her flaws, however, the safety of Ostfriesen's citizenry is always at the forefront of her concerns.

Thieves, assassins and other unlawful, and especially sneaky, professions vex her more than anything, with the exception of her strength or motives being questioned.

She will also take jabs at stereotypical femininity at every chance she gets.

Pre-Appearance History

RP History