Chai Spice

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Chai Spice
Cast Primary
First appearance September 22, 2014
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Pegasus
Age 47
Gender Male
Occupation Owner of A New Leaf
Family Pumpkin Spice (son)
Peppermint (daughter)
Mint Chip (father)
Significant Other Citrus Snap

“Good intentions aren't always enough”

Basic Information

Head of the tea family, always good for a ramble.


Friendly and outgoing, Chai love meeting new ponies. He especially loves telling new ponies about tea, don't get him started, he can go on for hours. But if you are ever in need of a ramble and a some good company, this warm and caring pony will welcome you in with open wings.

Pre-Appearance History

Chai grew up in a family with an appreciation for ice cream, he spent his days scooping soft serve, never quite sure where he was going to go in life. That is until he met his future wife, Citrus Snap, the two immediately hit it off and she opened his eyes to a whole new world of tea. The two married young and Chai told her his idea of opening a tea shop. He had wanted to call it "Chai's Teas" but she teased him for not knowing his name meant tea and the shop would essentially be "Tea's Teas". They settled on "Subtle-Tea" and his dreams came true. He and Citrus Snap had two wonderful children, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint. The business had been going so well, he insisted Citrus stay home with the them. She opposed this at first, but after some gentle nudging and a bit of help from his father, she agreed.

The loss of his mother hit Chai hard and he has never quite gotten over it. He fell into a depression, trading his love of tea for one of alcohol and this took an unfortunate toll on him but, he managed to pull himself out of that hole after a few years. He has since returned to his friendly demeanor, determined to keep the family business going as he grooms his son to eventually take it over.

The loss of his shop in Trottingham pushed Chai over the edge. He made a rash decision to pack up the family and leave, hoping to leave the trouble and pain behind hem.

RP History

Chai Spice and his wife Citrus Snap recently moved to Ponyville, from Trottingham, to open a new shop.