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So, you're looking to join the crew of the Lusty Seapony. You've got your IRC client set up, you've read over the rules and you've thumbed through a few scenes.

What next??

Creating A Character

Now this probably seems like a pretty simple task, but there are a few things to consider and a few guidelines to follow. The Lusty Seapony is a collaborative universe that's well defined and has been going on long enough to cement a few things. There are some deviations from canon to consider, as well as some established world building. Plus there are some general faux-pas to keep in mind.

Great, so what CAN I do?

Just about anything actually! Despite the world building and deviations from canon there is still a lot of room for growth in our canon. That said, there are still some guidelines to follow that will help your character fit in with the rest of the characters and world. While none of the rules outlines on this page are completely set in stone, following the guide and making a basic pony as your starting character will help you get a feel for how things work, and where it might be possible to stretch the rules in the future.

Alright, how do I get started?

Well, you start with an idea. It might be a name, it might be a talent, it might simply be that you want to be a Pegasus rather than an earth pony... So long as it's an idea.

There are a few things you are going to need to figure out to have yourself a solid character.

  • Name
  • Species
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Occupation
  • Personality
  • Background
  • Appearance

You may already know one or all of these things about your character, but they are all worth consideration... To help give a better idea of how to go about this, let's roll a new character!

But wait! I want to use an pre-established OC!

That is totally understandable, but these are still things you will need to consider before you bring your Character into the RP, you may need to tweak your character to make them fit in the canon. Once you have decided on your character, we will sit down and discuss it to see the best way to introduce your character to the setting. There is also a section for established OC's below.

Starting your New Character

To make this make a little more sense, we are going to do this together. But here are a couple things to keep in mind before we get started:

  • You are creating a background pony
Your pony shouldn't be as powerful, as influential, or as famous as the characters in the show. While they will have exciting adventures in their own right, they won't be the kind that shakes Equestria.
  • You are creating an original character.
While we are background ponies, this does not mean you can be Lyra or DJ Pon3. We're here to create new stories with new characters, not be shackled to canon or headcanon for existing characters.

(Your Name Here)

Names can be the hardest part or they can be the only thing you have to start with. If you don't know what you want your name to be yet, that's okay. Just remember, you will need one before you can scene. Here are a few guidelines if you're stuck:

  • Keep it simple
Most ponies' names fit with who they are, or what they do. If your pony is a carpenter their name should not be "Buttons the Magnificent."... Actually, your name should never be "Buttons the Magnificent". Do not make your name "Buttons the Magnificent" It should be a proper pony-like name. So...
  • Keep to Show Format
This means generally one or two words. But not human names like Sarah Jean or silly words like Fuckweasle. These are not appropriate pony names...
  • Easy to Pronounce
Everyone should be able to pronounce your name.
  • Make it unique
That might seem odd after the last few, but you don't want your name getting mixed up with anyone else. Windy, Breeze, or Mint are words you might want to avoid unless that isn't what your pony will be called. And on that note,
  • Nicknames are okay!
Your character does not need to go by their full name. Most characters go by a portion of their name, ponies like Bree, Gleam, UV. Some ponies also change a part or all of their name, ponies like Night Flurry (Night Light) or Trouble (Zero). Not everypony is born with a name that suits them after all.
Brassy Beat

First appearance
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Significant Other

The name I'm going to use for this character is Brassy Beat Lets put that in the infobox!

Wings, Horns or Hooves! Oh my!

It's not always a tough question, sometimes you just know your character is meant to be a Pegasus, sometimes they're just so hearty they need to be an Earth Pony, maybe you've always wanted to be able to move things with your mind so you want them to be a Unicorn! It's totally up to you!

If you're not totally sure, try think about what your pony does or what they're like. If they're hyper and excitable, they might be a Pegasus. If they're down to earth and stubborn, they might be an Earth Pony. If they're smart or curious, they might be a Unicorn. These things do not qualify to every species, nor do they mean your character has to be one or the other.

But no, you may not be an Alicorn. I am sorry but Alicorns are reserved for royalty: Princesses Celestia, Luna, Mary and Sue.

Non-Pony Species

Before you consider making a non-pony character, think carefully about how they'd fit in to a country and town hugely dominated by equines. Other species are a lot harder to work with, not only because they have to fit in with the immediate setting, but also with the current world building for the different races. That said, world building is encouraged! But be aware that you must first take into account pre-established canon, as well as any implications yours may have on other players now or in the future.

Some races are better left for settings like Ostfriesen, but with some work, others can be made to fit into the main setting of Ponyville.

Non-pony includes:

Special note on Hybrid characters:

  • Hybrids are a general no.
There have been some bad experiences with hybrid characters in the past, some have worked like Life Line the Zony, Katlego the winged Zebra, and Gathii the horned Zebra but they are an exception to this rule. If you feel you have a good reason or could make one work, bring it up in chat and we can discuss it. However, try to avoid these.

Special note on Changelings

  • Changelings are generally antagonists.
A lot of the ponies in Ponyville see changelings as pests. If you make a bug they're gonna get squished.

Special note on non-listed Species Species such as Deer or Kiri will not be accepted. They push canon a little too far. Especially Vampire Deer...

ESPECIALLY... Vampire Deer.

Races like Goats, Buffalo, and Minotaur generally also fall under this category as they would not be found in Ponyville. If you have questions, feel free to bring it up in chat so we can discuss it.

Brassy Beat

First appearance
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Earth Pony
Age 20
Significant Other

Now, I think we'll make Brassy Beat an Earth Pony

Are you sure you're old enough to be here?

As The Lusty Seapony is a bar, age may be a thing that will come into play for you. If your character is 13, they're not really going to be allowed to drink... That does not mean you cannot interact in other locations though.

Age is important as it can tell a lot about a character. Maybe your character is immature, not ready to grow up yet. Maybe they're having a midlife crisis! Maybe they're the wise old man, here to offer wisdom. Maybe they're the young buck, out on their own for the first time! As this can impact the personality of your character and how other characters will see them, you should take some time to consider this.

If you're not totally sure, I suggest rolling 6 D6 until you get a good ballpark number. I would not suggest going below 19 without a good reason or specifically for a foal.

We're going to make Brassy Beat 20.

Ladies and Gentlecolts!

By now you probably know if you want your character to be a male or a female. This usually isn't a hard choice. Don't feel bad if you want to play either gender. There is nothing wrong with that. You don't have to be a Stallion if you're a guy or a Mare if you're a girl. Pick whichever you feel like playing.

Now may be a good time to start considering appearance if you haven't already. Gender may effect your character's appearance or how they are seen. Is your character a stallion with a mare's face? Are they a mare with a big snout? Do they get mistaken for the opposite gender often? These are the questions you should start asking.

Brassy Beat

First appearance
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Earth Pony
Age 20
Gender Female
Occupation Busker
Significant Other

Brassy Beat is going to be a regular mare.

Not in my job description

Next you should ask yourself, what does my pony do? Are they a weather pony? A farm hand? Do they run a shop? Are they a writer or a researcher? There are plenty of possibilities! Just keep in mind, your character is a background pony. Their job should be something that would exist reasonably in Ponyville or a nearby town (They don't have to live in Ponyville after all.)

Here are a few examples of jobs ponies have had in the RP:

These may also be jobs that effect ponies in the RP
  • Weather Pony
  • Journalist
  • Animal Trainer
  • Cartographer
  • Greenhouse Owner
  • Teacher (retired)
  • EPS Attendant/Delivery Pony
  • General Laborer
  • Drafts Pony
  • Shop Owner

Hmmm, I think with a name like that, Brassy here needs to be a musician. A busker. She's usually pretty broke.

Tell me more. Is he charming? Is he funny?

Now that we've gotten through what your character is, it's time to look at who your character is. What are they like? Are they shy or confident? Have they got a mean streak? Maybe they're stubborn. Maybe they're a meddling romantic. It's all up to you.

Here are some basic personality traits to get you started:

  • Shy or Confident
  • Realist or Dreamer
  • Optimist or Pessimist
  • Outgoing or Introverted
  • Hyper or Laid back
  • Anxious or Excitable

These are only basic examples of traits your character can have, they could have all or none of them to varying degrees! It's up to you.

You might think its a good idea to have your character just be you, and that makes a fine starting point. In fact, many characters are based to some degree off an aspect of their player's personality. However, characters work better when they have room to grow and develop independently, so don't expect even a character you play as yourself to stay that way for long as a different set of life experiences changes them in unexpected ways!

When developing a personality, try to avoid overly victimized characters or characters who are complete loners. Ponies too afraid or uninterested in other ponies make interaction difficult to initiate and maintain. Interaction is what we're here for!

Be sure when you decide on your character's personality, it's something you will be able to portray. Remember, being special is less important than being consistent.

Green Hair?! Green Hair?!

Appearance, you've hopefully been thinking about this since we started. This is a key part of a pony. What do they look like? What sets them apart from other ponies? It's pretty self explanatory. I could get into character design and colour theory, Analogous colours and complimentary colours. Things like having your eyes contrast your body and mane.

But really, it comes down to you. Just... Keep it tasteful. No neon-zebra stripes or fairy wings... Things like that.

Cutie Marks Cutie marks fall under appearance rather than job or personality because it is a part of the design of the character. Your cutie mark should be simple. Objects that would exist in Equestria... So no guns, no bullets, no symbols. Your cutie mark should be something that lines up with your Pony's special talent.

Tell me about your character... No really, tell me about your character.

Now we get to the really fun part. The Story. Take a good long look at that little pony. Where did they come from? Where were they born? What made them the way they are today? What struggles have they had to live with? Have they had an easy life? Do they come from a broken home? Have they lived a normal life? Did they move around a lot?

These are all questions to ask yourself. Or even ask your character. Sometimes that can be the best way to learn just how your character came to be.

Things to avoid

  • Close relationships with canon characters
As background ponies, we generally do not interact with the main cast. You aren't Rainbow Dash's protege, or Applejack's business partner. Barring very special circumstances, anything more than the same casual acquaintance any pony living in the same town would have is frowned upon.
  • From a foreign country or culture
Being from a strange place, including being raised by another species, can be problematic to work into world building. While it's possible to work these issues out, make sure it's necessary to the character. If they can be from Equestria, they probably should be.
  • Significantly advanced technology
Inventors and tinkerers are a fun archetype, but you shouldn't try to push past the bounds of canon technology. This can be a delicate balance, so be careful to check where canon stands if you want to play around in this space.
  • Secret plots
No attempting to assassinate the princesses. No secret races. No secret wars involving characters who were not/do not wish to be involved. There are other players trying to tell stories in the world, and no one appreciates having a fast one pulled on them.
  • Conflicting world building
Many races have a fair bit of world building done already, this does not mean your idea will be shot down, but you should check to be sure its not going to conflict with what has already been established.

Everyone has a story, and its okay to start without knowing the full extent of it. They've been around a while after all. However, you now have your head around their backstory - where they live / lived, and perhaps close family members, and any key events in their past that defined who they are. Having said that, no one tells everyone their life story until they've gotten to know them a little better. It's okay for pieces of a characters past to come to light later, so long as it doesn't suddenly change who they are

Established OC's

So you have a character already and you want to bring them into the RP? Great! That's going to save you so much time! Maybe... You are going to have to double check in chat. Once you get the all clear you will be good to go. Many characters were not made specifically for the RP and have adjusted well. You will just need to be sure your character's abilities and backstory don't conflict with current canon and setting. They will generally need to follow all of the same guidelines a new character does, just with less time creating the character.

For Established Characters the best thing to do is bring it up in the channel and we can see if we can make it work for you. But never think it can't be done!

I have my character, now what?

Now it's time to spark up conversation and see if your character will fit in the setting of the RP. The things listed above are mostly guidelines, if something can be justified it can be considered. We just need to talk about it!

Hopefully this helped you establish your first character or work your OC into the setting. We look forward to seeing you in The Lusty Seapony!