Citrus Snap

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Citrus Snap
Cast Primary
First appearance September 22, 2014
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Unicorn
Age 40
Gender Female
Occupation Works at A New Leaf
Freelance Counselor
Family Pumpkin Spice (son)
Peppermint (daughter)
Mint Chip (father-in-law)
Significant Other Chai Spice

“You can't save everyone.”

“If it’s... 'not tea'... I might be able to hook you up.”
—Citrus Snap to Mareneith

Basic Information

A cheery unicorn who always seems to smell faintly of lemons...


Overly chipper and extremely outgoing, Citrus is always willing to talk. To anypony. Anywhere. About anything. No matter how inappropriate the topic may be. But she will always be there with a smile. A bit of a joker, she's happy to pick on her kids, her husband or just joke with some pony on the street. Don't let that fool you though, she is an expert business mare and can turn it off at any time. It's almost scary.

Pre-Appearance History

Born Sour Note, the Trottingham native spent her days always being the one to have to give the bad news. This never quite sat well with her as, due to her friendly nature, she didn't like making ponies sad and longed for a way to help them cope. She went into training to become a counselor where she learned how to get ponies to open up and read their behavior. After graduation, she met Chai Spice who she quickly fell in love with. They married young and had two children, Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint.

Chai and his father Mint Chip insisted Citrus stay home with the children, that they grow up better having one of their parents around all the time. This pulled her out of her field and away from what she loved most. She has never quite forgiven either of the stallions for this and even holds a slight resentment toward her children for taking away her dream.

After the children were old enough to manage on their own Citrus began counseling ponies from home, spending her days sitting in the tea shop, posing as a customer. Ponies would come in, tell her their woes and she would do her best to help them. For those who knew her real place at the shop she had set up a back room for more private conversations. Life continued like this for years.

Citrus had met Trouble in her early days in Trottingham, even helping set her up with a job pulling cabs. But when her daughter, Peppermint, started receiving strange packages at the door she became suspicious of the mare her daughter had become so interested in. It was eventually proven that Trouble was not the culprit, though the real stalker was never found. This has never sat well with Citrus and she is constantly looking over her shoulder to see who is watching.

The loss of her mother-in-law left Citrus in an odd place, she wanted to help her family get past the loss but somehow talking to them only made things worse. Her father in law simply shut her out, and her husband fell into a deep depression she could not save him from. The stress caused her to develop a sort of mania around her family.

She cannot let them see her sad.

RP History

Citrus recently moved to Ponyville with her family.

Memorable Quotes

“GREETINGS! I come from a far off planet in search of sustenance!My people had a puppy shipped to your premises, I wish to acquire and devour it!”
— Citrus to Mahogany