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Cast Primary
First appearance August 24th, 2015
Species Unicorn
Age ~23
Gender Female
Occupation Private Investigator
Significant Other

Basic Information

Standing up tall, Clues... is actually perfectly average in height, though her smaller frame makes her appear a bit tinier. Medium-length brown hair naturally flows as her mane; a hairstyle that's among the most bland and generic (Clues would rather 'blend in' as a P.I, of course! ...Though it's also quite easy to take care of in the morning). Her fuchsia-colored irises match the color of her horn's magical aura, and demonstrate wisdom well beyond her years; with the clumsy bodily language of one who clearly spent most her time indoors and stationary.


Clues is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed unicorn with high hopes and even more ambition. She doesn't mind being called a naive optimist because that's exactly what she is. Strong-willed and passionate, she became obsessed with the idea of becoming a true detective- like the cool ponies in her novels!- and worked her tail off as a filly to this day.

Pre-Appearance History

A dreamer whom romanticizes the idea of thrilling adventures, intricate mysteries to solve and exploring the natural phenomena around her, Clues does know what she's getting herself into. She's studied religiously every day that she possibly could, about what to do in what situations, how to react when certain things unfold... And indeed, she aced every class she took. To help out, she took a part-time job at her university's library, saving up every bit to open up an agency of her very own. The obvious downside to studying, schooling, and working/studying was a clear lack of social life, though. Clues never really had any friends or even special someponies; she had a couple names in mind that she regarded fondly, but she would hang out with her pals less than Twilight Sparkle did when she still lived in Canterlot.

So now Clues is stuck between two selves- the incredibly bright unicorn mare that's well read in every subject relating to the art of conversation, friend-making, psychology etc.... And the clumsy pony with no social life and even less experience in the real world. Studying, learning, writing in formal language leads her stunted in informal situations, so currently she goes to The Lusty Seapony as often as possible, both to make friends and learn as much as she can about the lavish history surrounding the town and its citizens. Celestia knows she can use all the live practice she can with actual pony interactions.

Clues fantasizes about the time of her life where she's surrounded by good friends, cracking hardboiled cases left and right and constantly being in a cycle of barely surviving an epic adventure only to get dragged into the next. A special somepony... She's never considered one, nor has any plans for anything romantic whatsoever. ...A companion, however, that helps her solve and survive mysteries and shenanigans... that might work!

RP History