Cold Iron

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Cold Iron
First appearance December 30, 2012
Creator Hazzdawg
Player Hazzdawg
Species Unicorn
Age 46
Gender Male
Occupation Militia Captain
Significant Other

Basic Information

A retired Captain of the Solar Guard, Cold Iron was instrumental in the founding of Silverglade. Responsible for mutilating Runt, his death marks Spades as a Pony Of Interest.


Cold Iron rose through the ranks of the guard to join the elite, at the cost of all else. By the time it came to light the extents to which he was prepared to go to achieve victory, he was a decorated hero. Rather than discharge him dishonourably when he crossed the line once too far, he was retired and selected to lead an expedition into the mountains to the west to settle a mining town. Thus Silverglade was founded.

Over the years, Silverglade became self sufficient, as the town began to mine into the resource rich mountains. When they breached a diamond dog warren, Cold Iron's push to exterminate the pack was met with resistance from Patch, the town's medic. Cold Iron murdered Patch, replaced him with Spades, and framed the dogs in order to rally the militia to clear the warren.

During the fight, he was finally stopped by Runt, the last male juvenile dog of age, and Spades, who had uncovered his crime.


Cold, calculating and remorseless, Cold Iron had a tendency to ignore those he judged to be of little value, and exploited all and any he considered useful. Passionately believed in The Greater Good.