Coral Current

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Coral Current
Cast Ostfriesen
First appearance 5 April, 2012
Creator Bree
Player Bree
Species Seapony
Age 20
Gender Male
Occupation Royal Ambassador of the Seapony Kingdom to all the ponies of the land and sky
Family Dusty Phoenix (daughter)
Significant Other Sue (heartmate)

Basic Information



Naive and optimistic. Enthusiastic and outgoing. He is very much a woobie.

Pre-Appearance History

Coral is a young seapony from a school near Myrtail Beach.

RP History

He met the rest of the group after checking in on Mary and Sue the day after they visited an abandoned seapony temple near the beach. He quickly formed a bond of friendship with most of the group, and a romance bloomed between he and Sue. He has decided to leave his school to pursue his relationship with Sue, but whether or not this will be successful remains to be seen.

Coral has always been fascinated with land ponies, more so than almost any other seapony. He believes that the traditions keeping seaponies and land ponies from interacting are outdated and that more both races have much to learn from the other.

Coral is a coralwright by trade and talent, able to magically manipulate and shape coral. Before he left his school, he helped maintain a large reef as well as helping with construction projects where his talents came in useful.