Crystal Glint

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Crystal Glint

Cast Primary
First appearance January 25, 2013
Creator Glaive Silver
Player Glaive Silver
Species Pegasus
Age 25
Gender Female
Occupation Jeweler/Shop Owner
Family Lucent Skies (father)
Radiance (mother)
Icicle Gleam (brother)
Significant Other

Basic Information

A jeweler from Canterlot, whose shop is beginning to see an increase in popularity. Quiet, happy, and polite outside of work.


Much like her brother, Icicle Gleam, Crystal is generally cheerful, if a bit more soft-spoken. However, that is merely how she is when she's not working, or handling a thing to do with work. When she's on the job, she shifts her attitude to better fit the business 'ideal' of Canterlot. That is to say, she becomes more formal, proper, and not quite as approachable as normal. Oftentimes, she will relax her attitude while working if she's talking with ponies she knows outside of professional circles. She also has a bit of a fiery streak if something catches her attention to any particularly large degree.

Like Gleam, she would do almost anything to ensure the safety of her family.

Pre-Appearance History

RP History