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Excavation in the Crystal Empire
Type of Location Town
Region Crystal Empire

Basic Information

Originally Equestrian territory, but once the Crystal Empire rematerialized, they found themselves squarely within its borders. Equestria has since ceded direct rule, even if the Crystal Empire’s state of affairs leaves it an Equestrian satellite.

This town was founded around the rumour of the Crystal Rainbow, a masterwork ornament from an ancient empire, being lost that area. The convoy carrying it ran afoul of one of the allegedly worst storms in the region’s history (records from that time period are incomplete).

Pre-Appearance History

An unknown benefactor provided the DD Excavation Company with all the bits it would need to work in the region for years. After months of nothing, the company finally unearthed the legendary Crystal Rainbow. They also uncovered several other gemstone ornaments with similar properties to the Rainbow, though the quality of work was noticeably lower. The town grew substantially, with tourists coming from all over to see the Crystal Rainbow, as well as workers seeking fortune in digging up the next masterwork treasure.

With the resurfacing of the Crystal Empire, the demand and lustre of these gemworks has dropped, though this is somewhat softened by a few wealthy collectors looking to get their hooves on pre-reappearance gemworks.

RP History