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Cast Retired
First appearance
Creator Delta
Player Delta
Species Earth Pony
Age 22
Gender Male
Occupation Adventurer/Tinkerer
Family Dandelion (sister)
Significant Other Meteorite

Basic Information


Cheerful and adventurous, Delta does his best to remain upbeat. He has a penchant for heroics, and always gets involved with other ponies’ problems.

Pre-RP History

Born to a family of bakers, Vanilla Surprise proved to be merely average at cooking. Inspired by the stories of old, he discovered his calling as an adventurer, searching Equestria and beyond for undiscovered treasures and artifacts. His Cutie Mark, however, represents his love of being who he is, the triangle over a circle depicting his new name of Delta Pangaea.

During his many expeditions, Delta has recovered a number of artifacts from olden pony times. Many he sells to museums, leaving him with ample bits, but those with more interesting or powerful properties he keeps for himself.

RP History