Dusky Down

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Dusky Down
Cast Primary
First appearance February 9, 2012
Creator KuroiTsubasaTenshi
Player KuroiTsubasaTenshi
Species Pegasus
Age 23 (as of start of the RP)
Gender Female
Occupation Part Time Weather Pony
Family Splendid Speech (father)
Windy Ward (mother)
Significant Other Night Flurry

Basic Information

An exact balance between whimsy and logical planning, Dusky is a mediator.


She values honesty and loyalty, but only so far as is practical. Although she can be quite expressive, when things go south, if there is any ambiguity in the situation, she has a tendency to blame herself, at which point she will recede into a quiet, analytical state.

She has a strong distrust of strangers and although Dusky may still put up a friendly front, she will keep a careful eye on the newcomer, sometimes going so far as to do a background check.

Whether through travel or a book, Dusky Down has a penchant for learning. She picks up on things quickly, although new skills often plateau well before mastery. Her dream is to find the perfect inspiration for the perfect project and see it through.

Pre-Appearance History

Born in Cloudsdale, Dusky traveled town to town with her wandering salespony parents. Eventually they came to Ponyville where they were able to stay on top of the market for a much longer period than usual. Dusky enrolled at the local school and began frequenting Ponyville Library. When the winds changed and the wanderlust called again, Dusky’s parents decided to leave her with some family friends to complete her education. They still send care packages, which are enough to support Dusky’s rather humble lifestyle. However, she works part time with the weather pony day team to earn a little pocket change, which allows her to travel. Having inherited some of her parents’ wanderlust, she makes long trips up to a different city each year. But no matter where she is, the home sickness will always cut in. So she spends roughly half the year in Ponyville, enjoying the familiar atmosphere and plotting out her next trip.

(to be continued: expand on Cartel, Ivory, events of Evil's Twilight and possibly a few lesser adventures)

RP History

Events in Fetlock Falls showed she’s a bit of a scrapper when a group of shady thugs ambushed she and Night Flurry. Although Night Flurry suspected they worked for Gil, Dusky had another explanation. A few years back, she had a run in with the then Leaf Sisters Drug Cartel. She brought incriminating evidence to light, but was betrayed by moles within the city guard. Although the operation was eventually raided and shut down, the casualty toll was heavy on both sides. The now Leaf Sister Cartel bears a grudge against her and she has to be careful where she travels, recently adding Fetlock Falls to that list. She sees some of her more naive self in Night’s attempts at heroics, which is why she often becomes irritated with them.

(to be continued: add the rest of the events)