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Cast Antagonist
First appearance March 7th, 2015
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Unicorn
Age 51
Gender Female
Occupation Apothecary / Dragon Hunter
Family None
Significant Other

“ You know what I'm up against. And you know what'll happen if it spreads.”

Basic Information

Dangerously prepared, a Hunter of terrible skill trained to fight and kill Dragons.


Stoic and filled with disdain for others, Fairy is self-entitled, looking down on non-Unicorns as lesser. Her harsh demeanor is born of a harsh land, and her focus on survival in the badlands has made her incredibly careful and self reliant.

Fairy is a light brown unicorn with a violet mane almost gray in color. She wears it , with a braid hang to the side of her face. She is rarely seen unarmored, most likely seen in a Leather jerkin of unknown origin, covered in magically enchanted runes of protection, several of them denoted as protection from fire, magical nullification, and wardings against physical damage.

Pre-Appearance History

Fairy lives within the badlands, near the town known as Farrier Ravine. Her family has served as care takers and nurses for the sick and wounded for centuries, passing down the secrets of their trade down the family line. Over hundred years ago, her grandmother encountered a terrible illness that would come to be called the Violet Plague, and in finding a cure, apparently made a pact to Princess Celestia which her descendants are bound to uphold to this day.

Fairy is the most recent bearer of this mantle, and has garnered a terrible reputation. Her grandmother was a legend, but her mother was reclusive, and Fairy herself is abrasive. As a user of dark magic, she is currently the only one capable of curing the Violet Plague, but the ingredients for the cure have been running low, and require blood from a dragon's heart to properly mix. As a result, Fairy has been in search of a way to find and slay a dragon.

RP History

Amber Fern was in search of a cure-all, and required Granite Bloom, a rare and mysterious plant. Fairy received her request through old ties to the Equestrian Botanical Society, and instantly recognized Granite Bloom as one of the ingredients necessary to cure Violet Plague. Granite Bloom will not bloom unless soaked in dragon's blood poured from their heart, and as a result, Fairy took the risk that Amber had somehow acquired a Dragon's heart. She departed for Equestria, in terrible need for it.

Rooming at the Lusty Seapony, Fairy made notes of the odd portals featured within the bar. Eventually, she met with Simmilie, and learned that the portals linked to Ostfriesen Castle. Knowing her Grandmother's stories of her journey to Ostfriesen, curiosity overcame Fairy, and she ventured through the portal. There, she found Meadowlark.

Believing she'd stumbled upon the answer to her need, she attacked Meadowlark, almost delivering a fatal strike, but for the efforts of Hollow Grounds and Simmilie in fighting her back. Fleeing back through the portal, she shifted into a shadowy mist with her magic and escaped, fleeing towards the Everfree Forest.

She soon returned to confront Amber, believing the unicorn to be a victim fo the Violet Plague, she intended to cure her in exchange for the dragon's heart. Her assumptions were greatly wrong, however, and confrontation with Crystal Glint and Nocturne Star convinced her to leave them, and Amber, alone.

Making one final errand in Equestria, Fairy turned to Canterlot. While disgusted at the excess of the city, she remained awed by Princess Celestia, whose appearance lived up to her Grandmother's descriptions. While defiant in her methods, Princess Celestia's calming demeanor and gentle reprimand hurt her, and she returned to the Badlands quietly... seemingly leaving Ponyville and Equestria behind forever...