First Frost

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First Frost
Cast Family
First appearance 13 June, 2012
Creator Bree
Player Invidlord
Species Pegasus
Age 57
Gender Male
Occupation Retired (Former Military Scout / Fetlock Falls Weather Pony)
Family Blizzard Breeze (daughter)
Sleet (son)
Snowy Veldt (granddaughter)
Significant Other Sirocco Breeze

Basic Information

Relaxed, Rested, Retired, and damn proud of his plate collection.


Easy-going and always with a laugh upon his face, First Frost is a happy go-lucky stallion who has seen the worst and best in ponies. But his foremost sevice is to his family, and to his wife Sirocco Breeze, who he supports through the times when she's at her lows.

Pre-Appearance History

Born in Fetlock Falls, First Frost served the Guard in the Shetvalkia war. There, he earned a reputation as one of the most talented stealth ops scouts in the forces, and under the command of Noble Light, was part of an elite squad of ponies operating on the front. At the wars end, when he and Noble were both asked to accept ranks in the Solar Guard, Noble accepted, while First did not, instead returning home to Fetlock to the higher calling of his family.

In Fetlock, First Frost married Sirocco Breeze, a brilliant and talented Pegasus who was born without wings. The two supported one another as Sirocco attended weather school in Cloudsdale, and would return home to continue a family line of Weather work in Fetlock. They had a single daughter, Blizzard Breeze, who they did their best to raise outside of the prejudices of the town. Eventually, as Sirocco grew more despondant, First grew angrier at the town that would shun her. They retired and moved to Foalida to get away from Fetlock.

RP History

First Frost has been living the good life in Foalida, long retired, he was extremely happy to get a visit from his little girl, Blizzy, and her whole extended family, giving a plate-by-plate tour of his private collection to Kinyua, upon being introduced to Sleet for the first time, he wasn't sure what to think of him, but the second his wife embraced the boy, he realized he had a son.

He and Siri have since come up to Ponyville to spend time with their newborn Granddaughter Snowy Veldt, as well as to attend Bree and Kinyua's wedding. He's almost certainly planning to come for Sleet's wedding to Muir as well.