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Cast Primary
First appearance May 25, 2012
Creator Fixit
Player Fixit
Species Earth Pony
Gender Male
Occupation Repair pony
Family Blueberry Fields (father)
Raspberry Fields (mother)
Significant Other Spring Showers

Basic Information

Fixit is a repair pony who owns a shop at the end of the market row. He can fix almost anything, as long as it's mechanical, and a fair number of town residents have come to rely on his services.


Fixit has problems with self confidence and depression, and as such doesn't often leave his shop. Beyond that however, he's a very caring individual, thinking every pony has something to offer. The travelling he did in his youth also means he has a rather open mind. That said, he doesn't entirely trust magic, since he can't really work with it himself.

Pre-Appearance History

Born Flowing Fields, he grew up on his family's berry farm. While competent at farming, it was not his passion. Once he discovered his talent with fixing things and got his cutie mark, he ultimately left to train with Stout Feather, his mentor and something of a father figure. Once he learned his trade, he came back to Ponyville to open up his own repair shop.

RP History

He found The Lusty Seapony by sheer luck, as many do. At first he was wary of new ponies, as he wasn't the most social, but gradually he opened up, and met Spring Showers there, where they rather quickly became Special Someponies. Though not a completely smooth courting (time in the Clinic was part of it), they soon married after the Running of the Leaves, and the two have become inseparable since.