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Cast Antagonist
First appearance August 4th, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Changeling
Age 33 (Deceased)
Gender None
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Family Mite
Tick ("sisters")
Significant Other

Basic Information

Bounty Hunter, butcher, and Changeling.


Sadistic and gleeful, Flea enjoys making its victims suffer, almost as much as it enjoys making the loved ones of its victims suffer. It delights in mental torture, and most sickening, enjoys corrupting its victims to the point that they welcome and perhaps even enjoy the torments she inflicts upon them as they feed it their love, and their agony.

As Fennel Seeds, she would often affect a foreign accent, flirting, acting innocent and naive while her sisters did negotiations with clients.

Pre-Appearance History

Not much is known about the Seed Sisters before their emergence as bounty hunters. While initial Guard speculation placed them as survivors who hid in Equestria after the failed invasion of Canterlot, later interrogation of Mite would give rise to the story of three refugees fleeing a far off hive, having grown too powerful for the Queen there to fully control. Flea and her 'sisters' struck out on their own, disguised as bounty hunters, the Seed Sisters rapidly grew in fame, renowned for their utterly unknown methods that would guarantee results without ever implicating the pony who hired them. The Seed Sisters would be hired, and within a months time, the target would be dead, often through unknown, or even self-inflicted methods.

As Changelings, the Seeds would infiltrate and essentially mind control targets and high-priority threats into loving them, and when their victims had fed them well enough, would do away with them and collect payment. In these years, they met with fellow Hunter Autumn Blaze, who was known for her ruthlessness, and would even employ her as a distraction in several dicier jobs.

At some point, Flea drained and murdered the Wildlife Habitation Expert Eternal Torch, keeping the identity for future use.

RP History

With the fall of the Leaf Cartel, Hunting was booming, as the Manehattan Mob put out contracts on all the high-ranking Cartel survivors in hopes of utterly smashing their business. Jobs were numerous, and so, Flea, appearing as Fennel Seeds, approached Autumn Blaze in a bar in Ponyville. It was most disheartened to hear that Autumn had 'gone straight', and filed away Autumn's presence in Ponyville for future use.

That use came when a wealthy collector known as Tweed Stitch hired the hunters to retrieve an artifact recently unearthed in Ponyville, a sentient, living construct known as Trixingno. The three decided to go to take the job, drain whatever ponies they could, and steal the automaton.

Entering the town under the guise of Eternal Torch, Flea was simply seeking a good meal. It found an extremely powerful one in the pony known as Aurora, a wellspring of love, hate, pride, and self-loathing. Eternal Torch moved in when Aurora was at her very weakest, suffering from crippling depression after breaking off her engagement and hiding her pain in the deepest bottle she could find, Eternal Torch seemed to be some kind of divine angel in her life, helping her clean herself up, and proving to her that somepony cared.

But Eternal Torch was far more interested in digging into Aurora's psyche like a bore, ripping through layers of her mind each night, making itself more and more precious to Aurora while at the same time causing more and more pain and suffering. During the day, it would head into town, tracking down leads on the strange robot, and at night, it tormented Aurora. Eventually, Flea was rewarded for its efforts with a terrifying backlash, as it tore open a hole in Aurora's mental defenses that held back a terrible beast, unleashing it upon Aurora, and upon Ponyville. Flea laughed in delight.

But as the pieces moved against the Seed Sisters, they made several mistakes. Tick was nearly uncovered by Princess Sue, and Mite was confronted by Sun Smile in a failed attempt to corrupt her. Flea itself attempted to hurt and feed of Fixit before making a move to steal the robot, but it was also thwarted. When Tick moved to examine the robot face to face, it was astonished by it's find, and Mite and Tick quickly moved to cut Flea out of the loop, assigning it to guard their captive, Sly Credence. Flea was ambushed by a desperate Sly, who had managed to break free, and in the struggle, Sly escaped, fleeing to the Seapony to warn the others.

Flea attempted to trick the small raiding force that followed, disguising itself as Sly. But the party saw through it. After a short combat, Flea was outmatched, and Autumn Blaze looked her old 'friend' in the eye, and granted it some reprieve, agreeing to let Flea live if it tried to live a better life, turning itself in. Flea agreed, but whether this was simply a lie, or truth will never be known. After Delta and Autumn left, Sleet, who had been personally hurt by the Changelings deceptions, would strike cold and calculating to ensure Flea would never hurt anypony again.

The remains were found by Autumn Blaze some time later, and the former-Bounty hunter held a short memorial for the fallen Fennel.