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Cast Ostfriesen
First appearance November 27, 2012
Creator Fixit
Player Fixit
Species Unicorn
Age Much too old
Gender Female
Occupation Ostfriesen Knight
Significant Other

Basic Information

Fleuret is an Ostfriesen unicorn turned vampire quite a long time ago, who serves as a Knight. She was turned young, so she eternally appears to be a young filly.


She likes to cultivate an air of sophistication, quite enjoying the classical vampire motif. She wears elegant dresses, and speaks formally under most circumstances. She is friendly, however, treasuring her attachments to the world of the living.

Pre-RP History

Long ago, when Mary and Sue were still newly crowned princesses, Mary saved Fleuret from a vile vampire lord. The curse could not be removed, but she was saved from becoming a heartless monster through Mary's friendship, so she vowed to use her unlife and magical talents as a Knight of Ostfriesen.

RP History

She holds a friendship/rivalry with Promethea, fellow Knight, that keeps them both on their toes. A string of strange attacks by vampires is causing a stir, however. How they will affect Fleuret and the rest of Ostfriesen remains to be seen.