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Floodlight "Chrome"
Cast Secondary
First appearance October 31, 2014
Creator Trouble
Player Trouble
Species Pegasus
Gender Male
Family Ultraviolet (sister)
Significant Other

“This is my walk on the moon.”

Basic Information

An albino pegasus who also suffers from a severe sensitivity to sunlight. The faint pigment in his coat and mane cause him to glow under an ultra violet light, sometimes giving him a ghost like appearance to those who don't expect the effect.


Pre-RP History

Floodlight was born in Cloudsdale and originally dubbed 'Chrome' due to his albinism, or achromia. His family moved to Canterlot soon after he was born, though he's never been able to get a straight answer as to why, where they quickly learned of his sensitivity. Floodlight spent most of his early life in the dark, looking up to his older sister.

Having to hide through the day, Floodlight began to appreciate the light he got to see at night. Eventually his appreciation became an obsession, and he began to dream of walking on the moon.

RP History