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Cast Secondary Characater
First appearance November 21st, 2014
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Changeling
Age 19
Gender None
Occupation Tracker
Family Mite
Hive Gorgora
Significant Other

Basic Information

Drone of Hive Gorgora, and vassal of Queen Mellifera.


Bland, somewhat venomous, and a little direct, Flytrap isn't terribly subtle, lacking very basic understanding of pony interactions and emotions.

Pre-Appearance History

Born in Hive Gorgora, the Drone who would assume the identity of Flytrap was hatched in a period of some upheavel. The previous Queen of their hive had been killed by a pony who had been wronged by the rogue Seed Sisters Mite, Tick, and Flea. In a revenge fueled strike, the pony broke into the hive, stormed the Queen's chambers, and defeated her before she was overwhelmed by the Hive guards.

The new Queen, calling herself Mellifera, determined that to protect the hive, the three rogue changelings needed to be stopped. To that end, a drone was selected and given the skills to track, retrieve, and if necessary destroy the Seed Sisters.

Given the form and name of the pony who slew their previous Queen, Flytrap set out to find the three rogue changelings of Hive Gorgora, ordered not to disrupt or harm any ponies it encountered, and eventually leading it to Ponyville.

RP History

Entering Ponyville with an exaggerated accent and questionable sense of tact, Flytrap was baffled that the trail went cold. At The Lusty Seapony, Flytrap made the acquantiance of Simmilie, a fellow Changeling of Royal status who stressed her individuality beyond just a drone, and Spades who was able to eventually reveal the fates of the now deceased Seed Sisters to her.

Her mission complete, Flytrap prepared to return to Hive Gorgora, but found herself hesitant. As Simmilie talked with her more, she found that she had gained xperiences and emotions distinct from the hive, and feared that she would be terminated upon her return. She found herself enjoying the forest, the streams around Ponyville, the peaceful setting. Simmilie, fearing for the drone, ordered her to return to her if anything happened to threaten her life.

Eventually, she returned, and after reporting her findings to Queen Mellifera, the Queen promised to have a long talk with her after Flytrap refused to return to the pits, to determine the state of her newfound outlook. The results are yet unknown...