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Oh no! They've found us! We're doomed! DOOOOOOOMED! Oh, wait, it's just you. Never mind. You're here to learn about The Lusty Seapony, right? Great, come with me and we'll get you on your way!

What is The Lusty Seapony?

The Lusty Seapony is a roleplay that takes place at irregular daily intervals, over IRC. It is based on the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic universe, and most of the participants are fans of the show. The homepage for the roleplay is located here, where important links and archives of the past RP are kept.

What is the setting of the RP?

The roleplay takes place mostly in and around Ponyville, set a few years after Season 3. The RP is focused around a bar called The Lusty Seapony, which most characters frequent, and which serves as a central hub for interaction between disparate social circles.

What type of RP is it?

Most of the time, our RP is a free-form slice of life setting, without significant antagonists or battles. Most interaction is in the form of conversations between characters, focusing on the everyday lives and small-scale personal dramas of the ponies in town. On occasion, players might start a high-adventure or other more dangerous arcs, but these are deviations rather than the norm.

What are some changes in setting I should know about?

As the RP has been running for a long time now, certain elements of Season 3 conflicted with already established canon, and have been selectively ignored for the purposes of the RP. Most notably, Twilight Sparkle has not become an alicorn princess, and is still the Ponyville librarian. Discord, while freed and “reformed”, was done so off-camera and in secret, so his current de-statued status is unknown to the ponies in Equestria except a select few.

For a better explanation of this, head over here.

This sounds fun! How do I get started?

The first thing to do is create a character for the RP. While it is frequently possible to use an existing OC as a character in The Lusty Seapony, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind.

  • We are background ponies
This does not mean they should be boring, but they shouldn't feel out of place living and working in Ponyville.
  • Not OP as fuck.
Yeah, you heard me. Talents should be generally low key, useful for their job. No God modding.
  • Keep it Simple Stupid.
Tragic backstories are fine, but no lost queens or other things that would be implausible in the universe. This shit just gets weird.
  • You are not best friends with the mane six.
While they make rare appearances, close relationships with canon characters is highly discouraged. Characters raised by Rainbow Dash, or in a relationship with Twilight, or what have you, are not going to fly.
  • You must appease Terra.
You will need to run your new character by the guys to be sure it's going to fit with the canon, and because an extra set of eyes can help. Terra is the hardest to please in the group. You have been warned.

For a proper guide on making a character or making your character fit into the RP universe, head over here!

All right, I have a character. What next?

The first step is to run the character by other players in the chat and make sure everything’s good. Once your character has been looked over, we suggest you spend a some time observing the RP without participating, in order to get a feel for how things operate and for the general intricacies of the setting. Once you feel comfortable with how things operate, you can set up (or join, with permission from the players involves) a scene, most commonly in the bar or the marketplace, where your character can get introduced to a few others and get that ball of social interaction rolling.

I heard someone talking about “Ostfriesen” and I didn’t really get it. I’m confused.

Ostfriesen is a is a kingdom, separate from Equestria, housed within an extra-dimensional castle. It is exactly as crazy as that makes it sound. It can be accessed through a portal in the bar, and several of the bar’s denizens reside there.

How do I use IRC for Roleplaying?

There is a guide for that right here