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Cast Family
First appearance December 7th, 2012
Creator Hazzdawg
Player Hazzdawg
Species Earth Pony
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Family Spades (brother)
Significant Other

Basic Information

A blue earth pony mare who appeared in Ponyville the same time as her brother, Spades, and spent a period of time with him at the Ponyville clinic until the Discord event.


Kind, caring, and unconditionally loving, Grace was as keen to make friends as Spades was to hide from them. Suffering the same amnesia as her brother, she did not seem to recover as fast as he, struggling with the written and spoken word. Despite, or perhaps because of this, Grace possessed an almost childlike wonder for everything around her, and was never happier than when sharing simple joy with others.

Pre-RP History

Grace stayed for a while at Ponyville clinic, first recovering from an unknown injury which cost her her memory and possibly more, and later to undergo therapy and counselling under Redheart until her and her brother were deemed ready for foster care. Whilst Spades studied, she turned her attention to those around her, quickly befriending patients and nursing staff alike, her calming presence playing no small part in saving an curious and experimental Spades from trouble on several occasions. Though she showed no interest in reading, she would permit her brother to read to her extensively from the hospital's library, and remained the only one whose presence could dispel Spades' frequent anxiety attacks.

The day before they were due to move from the clinic to a more suitable care home, Discord happened. Spades and Grace left the clinic for the world outside for the first time, to discover nothing they'd ever imagined. The chaos delighted Grace, but terrified her brother, and they became separated. Discovering the draconequus, Grace was dismissed as a disappointingly stereotypical creature of love, and turned into one capable of hatred. An outburst at her brother prompted him to take on the God of Chaos by himself to restore her, though she did not stay to watch. Fleeing from town, and full of self loathing, Grace stumbled into the Everfree forest, where the return of Harmony came too late.

Spades set her to rest in the small clearing he found her, leaving behind his locket with her picture inside as a memorial.

RP History

A faulty memory spell cast by the young Raven Horn was enough to restore Grace's spirit to the world. Lost and confused, Grace was torn between being drawn to her grave and her brother, fearing a catastrophe borne from the broken memory of past events of Discord, and the imminent recollection of her passing.

The reunion with her brother restored her memory, and, overwhelmed, she pleaded with her brother to join her. When he refused, she became hostile, and attempted to posses him. When this was thwarted by Katlego, she resorted to garrotting Spades with his pendant.

As Spades lay unconscious, the discorded Grace assailed Spades under the guise of those he feared most, to coerce him to give up and return with her. She would have succeeded but for the memory of his friends, who gave Spades the means to surpass his self doubt and confront her, freeing her from the vestiges of Discord's spell and her shame.

She persisted long enough to see her brother reawaken before dissipating in the dawn, leaving behind her matching pendant as a gift.