HP Lovecolt

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Doctor Hoof Prance Lovecolt D.M.E
Hp lovecolt.png
Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Pegasus
Age 40
Gender Male
Family Raven Horn(Daughter)
Ebon Rose(Raven)
Equus Adams(Son)
Significant Other Terrabona

Basic Information


Gruff, generally irritated and rather private and secretive.

Pre-RP History

As a child Lovecolt was always brilliant, curious, and a troublemaker. After getting expelled and banned from Cloudsdale University for blowing up a good portion of the building, Lovecolt managed to attend Pareigns University, taking classes in mechanics and engineering. After leaving, Lovecolt traveled around, adventuring all over Equestria and to lands beyond. One day, he just disappeared, never returning from a trip out into the Zebra lands. Three years later, Lovecolt mysteriously returned, his right wing missing. He purchased a small workshop and started to work on it. Within a few years he managed to get a nice workshop built up, replacing his wing. He eventually had a severe workshop accident removing his rear right leg. He later replaced the limb with a mechanical one. He is extremely protective about his workshop and doesn’t extrapolate on his past.

RP History

Lovecolt was not originally from Equestria, but rather from a small country known as Shetvakia. He immigrated to Cloudsdale with his mother shortly before the dictator of Shetvakia pushed Celestia too far with both his taunts and the way he treated the ponies in his country. During this “Liberation” as it was later known, Lovecolt’s sister disappeared. Lovecolt is still bitter about Celestia’s pro-active action against his country, even though he knows that it wasn’t the nicest place to live. Sometime between graduating Pareigns Uni and disappearing, Lovecolt met Natural “Nassy” Seven, who he dated for a time. Nassy introduced him to Desert Rose, the mare who eventually became Lovecolt’s Wife. Desert Rose was the last pony to see Lovecolt before he disappeared, and the first pony to find him when he reappeared three years later. Sometime between his return to civilization, Lovecolt was involved with Golden “Gil” Grain, and had a son with her. This was, however, before he married Desert Rose. About a year after Raven Horn was born, Desert Rose mysteriously died, devastating Lovecolt. He passed Raven Horn off to his friend Red the Gryphon, occasionally checking in on her and her development. Relatively recently, Lovecolt thought he found love again with a young mare known as Terrabonna. Through a series of high-strung events, as well as his own cunning moves Lovecolt managed to start dating young Terrabonna. He has also been getting mysterious packages delivered to him, all containing elements of his past.

[Trouble:... Seriously?]