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Cast Retired
First appearance
Species Unicorn
Gender Male
Occupation Small business owner, "Pen & Paper"
Significant Other

Basic Information


Smart, logical, and analytical (often to a fault), but also calm, humble, and considerate. Stalwart in his beliefs and principles, but can be persuaded by a strong argument. Lazy and often a procrastinator. Finds it difficult to communicate sometimes, usually because he has trouble generalizing complex feelings in simple ways, so he often comes off as unsocial when he doesn't mean to. Usually has a positive outlook on life and hopes for the best for others, but does not let this interfere with practicality. Becomes very short and snappy with others when angered, which is thankfully not often as his laid back nature makes him very slow to anger. He'd often prefer to avoid conflict and remove himself from the situation, and becomes stressed when he cannot.

Pre-RP History

Heartfelt grew up in small town just a day's journey away from the provincial capital and quickly progressed in his early schooling, excelling at a young age and enrolling in Canterlot University at a time when most colts had only just recently finished their public school educations.

By the time he had earned his college degree, Heartfelt found that he really didn't know where he wanted to go in life. What he was certain of is that he was tired of school and tired of the 'big city' environment that was so unlike his hometown, and so he decided to move to Ponyville and opened a paper supply store there.

Heartfelt eventually found himself longing for love and companionship, something that he had mostly eschewed in his pursuit of knowledge. Although he doesn't go into details about his personal life much, he has matured greatly from his experiences in love, and thinks he has finally found and courted a certain pegasus he could spend his life with.

At the moment he is content to run his new store, which is modestly profitable enough to stay afloat, and spends most his free time pursuing the subject of his romantic interest. He is somewhat lonely from his lack of other (platonic) friendships, and finds it difficult to socialize with the many new ponies her has met in Ponyville.

RP History