Hollow Grounds

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Hollow Grounds

Cast Ostfriesen
First appearance June 20th, 2013
Creator Glaive Silver
Player Glaive Silver
Species Unicorn
Age 25
Gender Male
Occupation Ostfriesen Knight
Family Mother (deceased)
Father (deceased)
Significant Other Simmilie Venn

Basic Information

Hollow Grounds is a member of Ostfriesen's knightly order, doing his duty to protect the civilians living in the castle, as well as Princesses Mary and Sue. A unicorn that augments his (relatively weak) magical abilities with dark magic, drawing upon the negative feelings he's harbored about a life-changing incident in his youth.


Considered cold, distant, and calculating by the ponies that don't know him, he's a quiet pony who would rather spend his time alone with a research book or practice spells than mingle with others. His quiet demeanor can occasionally give way to a frightening anger if he is pushed too far beyond his limit. More recently, however, he has been slowly emerging from what seems to be a shell around his psyche, and has been growing warmer and more cheerful than before.

After an incident in his early life that left him orphaned, he has long since vowed to do his best to protect others, especially those he considers his friends. He also has a very special place in his heart for the changeling maid, Simmilie.

Pre-RP History

His past remains mostly shadowed, figuratively and literally. An incident in his early life shaped him into what he is now, and he has yet to speak of it to anypony at all, not even to Simmilie. Suffice to say, whenever the subject comes up, he will attempt to change the subject as quickly as he can while alluding to the pain he still feels.

RP History