Icicle Gleam

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Icicle Gleam
Cast Primary
First appearance November 8, 2012
Creator Glaive Silver
Player Glaive Silver
Species Pegasus
Age 27
Gender Male
Occupation Weatherpony Team Leader
Family Lucent Skies (father)
Radiance (mother)
Crystal Glint (sister)
Significant Other Bluegrass

“My wings are always open for you.”
—Gleam to Bluegrass

Basic Information

Cheerful weatherpony who values his friends and family above everything else.


On the surface, Gleam is often cheerful and easy-going. This happy attitude has made it easy for others to approach and befriend him. He places unconditional trust in those he considers his friends, and even more in his family. He's willing to help others out, should they ask, but will never compromise the values instilled in him by his parents without an extremely compelling reason. He would go to nearly any lengths to ensure his family, and his marefriend, are safe and sound.

Pre-Appearance History

Born to a middle-upper class family in the Lunar Quarter of Canterlot, Icicle lived with his parents and younger sister, and attended the Canterlot Pegasus Flight Academy. He quickly discovered he had a knack for creating and manipulating winter-related weather during an incident in his second year at the academy, earning him his cutie mark. Said incident involved him accidentally dumping a snowbank's worth of fresh snow on top of his father in the middle of Summer.

Toward the later years before his graduation, Icicle had gone through his fair share of failed relationships. Aside from his first one, however, they all ended very badly. Those failed relationships would eventually result in him nearly giving up on ever finding somepony to love, as he viewed all the failures as his own fault, in part or in whole. After his last relationship crumbled, he threw himself into learning everything he could about becoming a weatherpony, as a way to distract himself from the empty gap left in his heart.

Upon graduation, Icicle immediately enrolled in the Weatherpony Certification Exam along with fellow Pegasus, and best friend, Sapphire Streak. After an arduous year of focused studies and training, Icicle Gleam graduated with near-full marks. From there, he moved to Ponyville to fill in a space on the town's reserve weather team, which became a second team as the town continued to expand. As time went on, Icicle worked his way up, moving from a replacement to a regular team member, and eventually becoming the team's leader. A position which he still holds to this day.

He continued on in life, living in Ponyville with a steady schedule and job, always maintaining that cheerful and curious (but slightly cautious) attitude ponies knew him by. Every so often, Icicle would take a few days off to go on a solo camping trip to various locations. Places that included the Everfree Forest (against his neighbors' advice and warnings), Whitetail Woods, or even just somewhere in the plains surrounding the town. This adventurous side of his would eventually result in a fairly horrific injury, six years into his life in the town. The resulting damage to his wing would force him to the ground for a number of months in order to recover.

RP History

Toward the tail end of his recovery, Gleam would often visit a particular hilltop to watch the sun rise above the horizon, a habit he maintained in spite of his injury. It was there that he met two ponies, Spades and Fixit, the latter whom introduced him to The Lusty Seapony. Gleam would quickly come to fall in love with the hay fries served there, quickly becoming a regular patron, and often stopped by to have a small snack before heading home for the evening.

Not long into his visits, he began to cross paths with many of the other regular bar-goers, including Spades, Fixit, Mahogany, and Spring Showers. He quickly began to befriend many of the ponies that often spent evenings there, chatting, passing the time, and generally having fun. One of his earlier visits would also be the first time he crossed paths with his future marefriend, Bluegrass. Gleam was initially very nervous about her forwardness, having never met anypony as predatory as she appeared to be.

After a second encounter between the two took an interesting turn one evening, Gleam was left with extremely mixed feelings for her. However, knowing he'd hate himself if he didn't at least try for one last meaningful relationship, he steeled himself and went to visit Bluegrass one more time to ask if she would be willing to date him. She agreed.

Over the course of the following month, Gleam would return to his job with a completely healed wing. This renewed sense of freedom allowed him to resume his pastime of exploring the surroundings of the town, often joining Spades while the latter foraged for medicinal herbs to sell. One such trip into the Everfree ended in a fight for their lives as the two met up with Runt, a diamond dog from Spades' past. Having chased the diamond dog off, the two wound up back at the Ponyville clinic, nursing injuries they had received during the scuffle. Knowing the forest would be a dangerous place with a vengeful diamond dog on the loose, Gleam offered Spades a place in the guest room of his house, until such a time where his friend could stand on his own four hooves.

Through the next few months, Gleam would often spend time with his marefriend as the two continued to grow ever closer. He would continue to do his best to refrain from upsetting Bluegrass, knowing the hardships both had gone through in the past.

The most tense point in his time at the bar so far came not long after the new year, when a friend he had met not long before, Mist Veil, was proven to be a changeling. He threw himself into defending her and was joined, much to his surprise, by others who had also known Mist for a fair amount of time as well. This seemingly nonsensical decision was aided by the fact that Mist had already proven to Gleam that she truly wished no harm on anypony. That alone was enough for him to take the stand in support of her, a decision he still believes was the best one.

Now, with his weather team in top form, a special somepony who loves him just as much as he loves her, and more friends than he could imagine, Gleam truly believes he made the right choice in taking the weatherpony job offer and moving to Ponyville.