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Jack of Spades
First appearance September 16, 2012
Creator Hazzdawg
Player Hazzdawg
Species Earth pony
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Figment of imagination
Family Grace (sister, deceased)
Significant Other Spades

Basic Information

Jack is the mental manifestation of Spades' self doubt.


Conceived at the point Spades was at his lowest - and fragmented his persona in order to bury all his negativity in an attempt to stay sane - he has plagued Spades ever since. For many years, Spades mistook him for the voice of Discord instead of acknowledging him as his own. Jack's constant taunting of Spades whilst he slept led him to adopt a nocturnal lifestyle.

During the events of Grace arc, Jack, seeking death, confronted Spades under the guise of the ghosts of his past, in an attempt to break him. Rather than end him, Spades forgave and accepted Jack in an attempt to heal.

It is unclear whether Jack still persists as an individual entity in Spades' mind.


Cynical, hateful, pessimistic and unforgiving, Jack is not a pleasant pony. He knows the extent and price of each of Spades' failures and weaknesses and blames him fully for every last one. He has fallen dormant since the events of Grace arc, knowing that, deserving or not, they both are facing a second chance.