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Cast Primary
First appearance May 19,2012
Creator FoxofWar
Player FoxofWar
Species Izulu
Age 19
Gender Female
Occupation Ex-Bodyguard
Significant Other

Basic Information


Strict, no-nonsense and to the point. Dry, cold and brutal. ...and stupid, naive & single-minded. She is, in a word, a born-and-bred bodyguard with not much thought of her own at times. She knows her fights and knows how to keep her protected pony safe... but her knowledge in much else relatively limited. As an Izulu she has some affinity with creating weather & storms... but her actual ability to control them is pretty limited. She often takes things at face value - and her understanding of sarcasm is around the lines of your average rock

Pre-Appearance History

Katlego was born to an Izulu family, with the traditional tribal warrior training. It was clear relatively early that she would not be one for much tribal magic or even weather control, that her field of expertise would be in taking names and kicking butt. Or getting beaten up, depending on the opponent. She succeeded though in becoming one of the warriors for the tribe - a lot because she was just so stubborn to give up even after she was beaten to the ground due to her small frame. In time she learned to use her opponents’ strength against them, so that evened things a bit.

RP History

She had just passed her maturity rites when Lord Aqua came around and ‘banished’ the hostile Djinn... a lot of zebras turned to keep Aqua in high reverence, and Katlego was easily among them. After Lord Aqua’s fall, Katlego has been trying to make a living in Ponyville thanks to Autumn dragging her there, with varied success. She had also developed a (non-dating) crush-turned-friendship-turned-romance with Jack of Spades, this has since ended.