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Cast Primary
First appearance March, 3, 2012
Creator Fetchbeer
Player Fetchbeer
Species Zebra
Age 22
Gender Female
Occupation Napping
Family Gathii (mother)
Snowy Veldt (daughter)
Frozen Tundra (brother)
Significant Other Blizzard Breeze

Basic Information

The sleepiest zebra in all of Equestria.


A shy and nervous zebra who prefers to stay at the back of crowds. Though she can be quite forward with ponies she knows, she generally takes a while to warm up to new faces.

Pre-Appearance History

The daughter of Gathii, an Abada unicorn from the depths of the Zebra Lands. She spent most of her childhood travelling from place to place as her mother studied magic in different places. After flunking out of college she drifted around from town to town doing menial jobs until Blizzard Breeze found her and they fell in love. Bree eventually convinced her to reunite with her mother who had taken a professorship at Canterlot University.

RP History