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Luminescence Houston
Cast Primary
First appearance April 29, 2013
Creator Drakeven
Player Drakeven
Species Unicorn
Age 27 (Biologicaly 25)
Gender Male
Occupation Astronomer
Family Crystal Glint (cousin)
Icicle Gleam (cousin)
Significant Other

Basic Information


Maybe too curious for his own good, Luminescence doesn’t like anypony getting in the way of his work, unless they seem like a help rather than a hindrance. He has trouble getting out of a task that he has gotten into, he is quite stubborn that way, not letting common sense in the way of his pride. Though in sometimes he turns that around, he can be quite a reasonable pony...Sometimes.

Pre-Appearance History

Luminescence grew up on the mountain range between the Griffon kingdom and Equestria, he discovered at a young age that he had a talent for stargazing, so he went and studied at Canterlot. He used to sneak out to Everfree to get a clearer look at the stars, he managed to dodge and weave his way around danger and study the stars to help with his university mates, one of which he had a romance for. One night, he got caught by a cockatrice and petrified. For two years the world went by without him, ponies looked for him, but never managed to find him. Until one night his significant other (Who had moved on by this time) Found him on his favorite spot for stargazing, they brought him back and he was unpetrified. As the world had moved on from him, he decided to quit the University and go back home for a while. When he got home, it seemed that his parents had quite a bad break up in his absence, his supposed death was quite harsh on them. He decided to cut his losses, he already lost two years and he didn’t want to loose anymore, so he slung his equipment on his back and decided to study the stars, do some research, further the knowledge of pony kind. Maybe try and catch up with his life also, but science comes first.

RP History

Memorable Quotes