Lunar Lake

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Lunar Lake

The Village of Dancing Ribbons
Type of Location Resort Village
Region Equestria

Basic Information

While it may not appear as much at first, Lunar Lake holds a special relationship with the moon. The lake is enchanted—by whom, no one knows—to radiate bands of magic, all of which are invisible to the naked eye during the day. However, under the soft light of the moon, the magic is revealed in all its splendor as colourful ribbons rising up to the heavens.

Taking full advantage of its unique attraction, the little village has has become a rather wealthy resort. While it draws all kinds of clients who just want to relax and enjoy a show, it is said to be extremely popular among romantics.

Pre-Appearance History

At first, the prospective residents were cautious. Such energies coming from one’s drinking water was not a trifling affair. Analysts were sent from Canterlot to ascertain the safety of said magicks. After a few days, they determined that magic to be completely harmless. What perplexed them the most was that while the enchantment itself was indeterminably complex such that only a fully-capable alicorn could create it, the only spells woven within were visual cantrips.

With such knowledge in hoof, a few enterprising unicorns set out to find a way to manipulate said cantrips. Within a month, they had found a way to redirect the strands, bending them to their will. Within a year, they had turned each night into a beautiful light show. People flocked from all over, including outside of Equestria, to see this wonder of the world.

And that is how what was originally planned as a small fishing hamlet became a bustling night time tourist village.

RP History

Lunar Lake was visited by Dusky Down and Night Flurry during their first summer journey. It was there that Night decided to propose to Dusky.