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Cast Primary
First appearance Febuary 9, 2012
Creator BrokenHero
Player BrokenHero
Species Pegasus
Age 26
Gender Male
Occupation Boxpony (Employee of The EPS Store)
Family Birch Forest (father, estranged)
Shimmer Mist (mother, estranged)
Plywood (brother, estranged)
Sandlewood (aunt, estranged)
Pine (uncles, estranged)
Scribbles the Unicorn (cousin)
Significant Other

Basic Information

A sturdy pegasus with a steady job, a mediocre apartment, and a paranoid streak. He's a regular at The Lusty Seapony. He and his family don't like each other. Mahogany is a reluctant employee of a local legitimate shipping concern, The EPS Store where he works behind the counter and occasionally does delivery runs around the whole of Equestria.


Mahogany's personality shifts from month to month, depending on what's going on in his life, how long it's been since he had something to drink, and what threats he and his friends are facing. At his best, Mahogany is fiercely devoted to his friends, whom he regards as the only family he has left. At his mediumest, he's a snarky drunk, always ready with a quip or a sarcastic, inflamatory comment. At his worst, Mahogany grows paranoid and violent. His drunken escapades become frightening rages. He grows extra-suspicious of newcomers and unfamiliar faces, and he nurses old grudges with those he considers his enemies. Not even his oldest and closest friends are able to break him out of this state, most times.

Pre-Appearance History

Mahogany is the elder son from a family of furniture makers in Whinny City. He grew up with his younger brother Plywood among the Forest Fine Furniture shop and factory, irritating the workers. As they grew older, they were brought around to each department, to find which area their special talents lay. Mahogany's mark didn't show up until six months into the process, when they reached the shipping department. His parents' attention turned to focus on his brother, who had a higher apparent level of business acumen. Mahogany worked in Forest Fine Furniture's shipping department until he got finished with his primary education.

Mahogany's family sent him to college in Cloudsdale, where he did a few years of general education and a handful of weather control classes. His weather talents are weak, though, so he struggles with most of the traditional pegasus aerial arts. During his Cloudsdale days, he meets a pegasus filly, whom he dates but breaks up with when she transfers to Las Pegasus. Soon after, he meets Blizzard Breeze and they become angst buddies. After college, Mahogany takes a job with the Equestrian Parcel Service. He discovers The Lusty Seapony and inflicts himself on a new friend, Night Flurry. He also becomes slightly acquainted with Fixit.

RP History

Mahogany quickly becomes a The Lusty Seapony regular, quickly meeting many new ponies as the bar becomes inexplicably popular. The bar patrons become accustomed to Mary and Sue of Ostfriesen Castle and their unusual quirks.