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Sanguine “Mary” Merryweather Silvertongue
Cast Primary
First appearance February 27, 2012
Creator thattagen
Player thattagen
Species Half-dragon alicorn
Age More than you.
Gender Female
Occupation Princess of Ostfriesen
Family Sue (sister)
Significant Other Promethea Flamehoof

Basic Information


Almost a full on extrovert, Mary drops all formalities and lets her casual side loose. Wild, reckless, and a little bit flirtatious. She might seem lazy, but she insists all of her activities are purely for the sake of PR. There are even some rumours that she likes to “get freaky”. It almost seems like she’s trying too hard to make ponies like her, as opposed to her sister who almost does it naturally. Sometimes she finds herself flirting when she doesn’t really mean to. This causes problems when her flirting can incapacitate an entire room of ordinary ponies.

Pre-Appearance History

Mary and her twin sister rule Ostfriesen Castle on the eastern outskirts of Equestria. They’ve been living there since they were born, about 1000 years ago. There was a whole deal with a huge dragon and a blessing and a curse, but all you need to know is that they’re the best at about everything they try, and have been competing with each other to see who could master the most skills. Their latest project involves evoking Tumblr magic to dispel their infamy and perhaps remove their curse thingy. In the wake of recent events, Sue discovered a little portal tucked away in a corner, which led directly to a bar in Ponyville. Surely nothing bad could come of this...

RP History

Memorable Quotes