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Cast Ostfriesen
First appearance February 06, 2013
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Dragon
Age 114
Gender Female
Occupation None
Family Monolyth (Ancestor)
Sue (Cousins)
Significant Other None

“ I am but a Keeper of the Pact, born of His blood.”

Basic Information

Dragon defender of the ancient pact between Ostfriesen and Monolyth, formerly his pupil, now released from service and looking for work.


Curious, intelligent, sharp-eyed and powerful, Meadowlark is a dangerous force to account for, because she is still young. She is well trained by Monolyth to control her more draconic instincts, but still falls victim to the trappings of youth.

Because she has been under Monolyth's tutelage, she feels that she needs to be serving something greater. Upon her release from Monolyth's service, she has sought out Mary and Sue, hoping that they can replace her former Master, and letting her continue to serve. She is unsure of what she would do without someone telling her what to do, and after talking with Mary, is questioning what she really wants to be happy.

Pre-Appearance History

Born into a small clutch of eggs, Meadowlark is of the breed of long serpent-like dragons which possess an affinity to magic. Selected from birth, Meadowlark was marked for greatness, to serve as a warden of the Old One, Monolyth, her ancestor from many generations past. Every few generations, one of his brood were selected to serve from birth, and would become part of an order dedicated to upholding Monolyth's ancient pact with Tapioca, queen of Ostfriesen. They would become hunters, dedicated to protecting ponies from rogue dragons who would harm ponies.

Monolyth trained her, not physically, but mentally. Giving her commands from when she was very young, Meadowlark would learn while she slept, Monolyth's mental presence guiding her. She wandered, at last settling down at the border of Ostfriesen itself, by Monolyth's orders. And while he trained her, she did her duty, watching the borders, awaiting a sign.

Over one hundred years, Meadowlark watched from the mountains overlooking the town of Topaz Plains. She spied the ponies from afar, and grew interested in their lives, watching them struggle to survive, but forbidden to interfere, only to wait and watch for Ostfriesen to break its self-exile and seek out Monolyth. She was saddened to watch Topaz Plains wiped out be rampaging monsters that crossed the border, the citizens fled when a group of Ostfriesen Adventurers chased after and defeated the beasts. But Monolyth's command would follow soon after, and she awoke, knowing a transformation spell. Casting the spell by His command, Meadowlark nearly died from the pain of transforming into a pony, unable to control the appearance, she took the form of a purple filly with a black mane.

RP History

As Mary and Sue, accompanied by Promethea Flamehoof and Bellerophon, approached the border to Topaz Plains, she moved to intercepted their course, posing as a survivor. Believed to be an orphan, the party, spearheaded by Mary and Promethea, agreed to take her in, and move to the next nearest town to find her parents. Meadowlark used the opportunity to ask them about their past, their purpose, and their motivation. In the next town over, Coffin Bay, she continued her test, pulling Mary's cloak off in the midst of a crowded marketplace. From there, she disappeared, watching as Mary and Promethea struggled to escape town, without hurting anypony.

She moved on to the dead lands leading to Monolyth's crater, from there, she awoke an ancient Leviathan to test Mary and Sue's combat abilities. And lastly, she appeared at the mouth of the crater, attempting to turn Mary and Sue to turn against their friends. But each of these were tests, of strength, character and morality to determine if they were worthy of meeting with Monolyth. Leading them down, to her Master, Meadowlark was excused from Monolyth's presence, and after Mary and Sue departed, the Dragon released her from her service.

Confused and lost without her life's purpose of servitude to The Old One, she wandered south, reaching her old post. She followed along the border of Ostfriesen, knowing the dangers of crossing the land itself, and making her way west. Eventually, she would enter the lands of Equestria, and working her way further from Ostfriesen, eventually sensed Mary and Sue's magical signatures in Ponyville.

Meadowlark entered the Lusty Seapony, and eventually entered the portal to Ostfriesen with Mary, where she is now housed in the guest quarters, awaiting a way to serve, as Mary has promised a test for Knighthood.