Mint Creme

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Mint Creme
Cast Primary
First appearance April 4, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Pegasus
Age 35
Gender Female
Occupation Solar Guard Sergeant
Family Noble Light (father)
Guiding Light (mother)
Sun Smile
Diamond Wing
Spring Showers (sisters)
Night Flurry
Search Light (brothers)
Custard (son)
Significant Other Wintergreen

“I said I wasn't stalking! I was spying...”
—Mint Creme

Basic Information

Loving Mother and Sergeant in the Solar Guard.


At her very core, Mint is an outgoin, loving, dedicated mother and sister, who will not waiver. Her sisters would call her clumsy, but there are moments of amazement when her clumsiness appears to be amazingly coordinated. She is notoriously straight forward and forthcoming, to the point where her abilities at stealth and secrecy are nearly non-existant. She is level-headed in a crisis, and is extremely proud of her skills in combat. After her father's retirement, she has begun to question if she wants to follow the path of the soldier, or the mother, and is trying to find if there is a balance between the two. Regardless, she will always be ready to fight for her friends and family.

Pre-Appearance History

Born as the second daughter to Noble and Guiding Light, Mint was named after the mint fields that grew near Groundsdale, as an homage to the Earth Pony farmers below. She grew up greatly admiring her father. Stronger then the other foals in her school, Mint always held back, afraid she would hurt somepony unintentionally. After beating down a bully, she would earn her cutie mark when she understood the reason she had done what she'd done was to protect others. After this, she pushed herself to train and be as good as she could be growing up, and eventually joined the Royal Guard.

In her initial boot camp training, she met and began an ongoing competition with the stallion Wintergreen. After initally dating, and an extended absence when Wintergreen was deployed to Fillydelphia, he returned to challenge her to a heated sparring match which ended with Wintergreen victorious, after taking Mint off-guard with a marriage proposal.

Her dedication as a guard and overall skill resulted in a fast track into the Solar Guard, eventually earning her the rank of Sergeant and a position as Trainer once held by her father. She has taken a leave of absence once to give birth to her single son, Custard.

RP History

Under her father's orders, Mint was deployed to Myrtail Beach with the mission to maintain undercover tabs on Dusky Down and her friends. As targets of the Leaf Cartel, Mint's mission was to ascertain the truth about the attack from Dusky, and ensure the group remained safe. As Noble's daughter, she was one of the few that he trusted absolutly, however the mission had an additional objective as Noble was attempting to put Mint in contact with her estranged brother, Night Flurry. Mint's steps to reconcile with Night went a great length towards convincing Night to come back home.

Mint has done what she can to be closer to her brother, taking a liking to his marefriend Dusky as well. She has also taken a liking to a talented private, Sleet, who was proven to be adept in combat, but oft-times too impulsive and single-minded. On guard duty at the Camp Solstace prison, Mint was amongst the number of guards who had in part fallen under the Changeling Mite's sway, finding a mental block in place. Once the block was broken, Mint feared she may still have been a liability, but accompanied Night, Dusky, Sleet, and her husband Wintergreen on a mission to the Swayback Foothills to save Sleet's fiance, Muir. There, Mint and Wintergreen killed the Changeling Caravan Leader, presumed to be Mite.

With the evidence changeling caravan trafficking through the Swaybacks, Mint has been serving a deployment there, training the local militia, guard, and search & rescue force to detect and confront Changelings coming across from Gryphon lands, but her own mind is seriously considering the reprecussions of her first true combat experience.