Mist Veil

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Mist Veil

Cast Retired
First appearance September 1, 2012
Creator Mizukame
Player Mizukame
Species Changeling
Unicorn (assumed form)
Age 22 (?)
Gender Female
Occupation None
Family Unknown
Significant Other

“I am not proud of my whole kin, but I believe in my ideals... It means a lot that you... can trust me...”
—Mist to Icicle Gleam

Basic Information

A changeling in disguise from the Badlands. In contrast to most changelings, she holds at top priority not hurting other ponies when 'eating'. She mimics Teardrop's appearance usually, and differs from the average changeling in appearance, having green irises and pupils, and a longer horn. Her real name is Arachne.


A shy, innocent soul by nature, she never wishes any ill-thoughts to anyone. Rarely, she may go out of that road and show determination when the situation demands to, such as when protecting a fellow comrade, or when trying to express her ideals. She's not the kind that trust ponies easily (she never did until recently), but tends to wear her heart on her face with fellow comrades that share similar beliefs of not hurting innocents.

She also tends to see herself as the changeling stereotype: a parasite, going as far as to see her need to fed on love as a 'curse'. Regardless of this, the considers her ideals to be the right way for changelings to behave, being surprisingly forward when it comes to defending them.

Pre-Appearance History

As most changelings, she was born and raised at the Badlands. Due to events still unknown, she met up with her first pony friend, Teardrop, some time ago. Since then, she has been following her everywhere, at first just to receive nourishment, but slowly opening up to her. She adopted Teardrop's appearance after she told her what she really was, posing as her twin sister.

RP History

She reluctantly agreed with Teardrop's idea to socialize with her friends at The Lusty Seapony, although feeling incredibly lonely when she had to go on her own. As time passed, she felt curiosity of the rather unique fellows at the bar, starting to enjoy their company. It didn't take long for her to take a liking on them, although this brought up consequences when the others started noticing she was different.

She started to acccidently show more proof that she clearly was something else, the other ponies tying the strings together. It didn't take long for Icicle Gleam to finally discover what she was. His understanding about the matter made her also truly trust him.

The fact that she is a changeling currently remains as a secret between her circle of friends. She continues to live among them, doing her best to fit in the group, hopeful of being able to both trust them completely, and earn their trust.