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Cast Antagonist
First appearance September 9th, 2012
Creator Invidlord
Player Invidlord
Species Changeling
Age 35 (Deceased)
Gender None
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Family Flea
Tick ("sisters")
Significant Other

Basic Information

Bounty Hunter, mastermind, and Changeling.


Cold, calculating, and ruthless, Mite was the eldest of the trio of Changelings who posed as the Seed Sisters. Mite was powerful, and would stop at nothing to achieve its ends. Wickedly clever, Mite had her own goals, and everything and everyone was simply a means to reach them. Her calculating mind tried to pay attention to every detail and find every advantage.

As Mustard Seeds, she was the leader of the trio, arranging jobs and doing all the talking with clients.

Pre-Appearance History

Not much is known about the Seed Sisters before their emergence as bounty hunters. During her time in Canterlot, Mite cooperated with the Royal Guard, telling them that it and its 'sisters' fled a Changeling hive within the southern badlands, having grown too powerful for the Queen there to fully control. Mite had designs to grow more powerful, and perhaps return to challenger her former Queen. Taking her followers, Flea and Tick, they took jobs as bounty hunters, using pony guises known as the Seed Sisters. The trio rapidly grew in fame, renowned for their utterly unknown methods that would guarantee results without ever implicating the pony who hired them. The Seed Sisters would be hired, and within a months time, the target would be dead, often through unknown, or even self-inflicted methods.

As Changelings, the Seeds would infiltrate and essentially mind control targets and high-priority threats into loving them, and when their victims had fed them well enough, would do away with them and collect payment. In these years, they met with fellow Hunter Autumn Blaze, who was renowned for her ruthlessness, and would even employ her as a distraction in several dicier jobs.

At some point, Mite drained and murdered the Pegasus known as Divine Will, keeping the identity for future use.

RP History

The Heist

With the fall of the Leaf Cartel, Hunting was booming, as the Manehattan Mob put out contracts on all the high-ranking Cartel survivors in hopes of utterly smashing their business. Jobs were numerous, and so, Mite, appearing as Mustard Seeds, led its sisters from job to job, feeding heartily.

For one such, a job wealthy collector known as Tweed Stitch hired the hunters to retrieve an artifact recently unearthed in Ponyville, a sentient, living construct known as Trixingno. The three decided to go to take the job, drain whatever ponies they could, and steal the automaton.

Entering the town under the guise of Divine Will, Mite sought a base of operations for the trio, looking for a lone individual who could be easily broken. Mite found Sly Credence, and deceiving him into believing it had information that was vital to protect his friends, she rather quickly infiltrated Sly's defenses, bringing him under its sway.

At the time staying in Night Flurry's cloud house, Sly gave the Changelings a base, as well as the files he had meticulously kept on all of Flurry's friends, giving the trio a massive source of material to sabotage and attack the ponies throughout town while searching for information on Trixingno. While Tick and Flea attacked the ponies within town, Mite fed off of Sly, mentally and physically torturing him.

But as the pieces moved against the Seed Sisters, they made several mistakes. Tick was nearly uncovered by Princess Sue, Flea was confronted by Fixit before making a move to steal the robot, and when Night Flurry's sister Sun Smile attempted to track down Sly, Mite attempted to corrupt her, an attempt which backfired, leaving their positions vulnerable. Good news came when Tick reported to Mite that the Automaton Trixingno wasn't simply vulnerable, but was powered by a crystal that trapped and contained passive love.

The two quickly moved to capture the robot, taking the forms of Spring Showers and Fixit to trick the robot. Mite took the crystals which powered him, while Tick ripped the robot apart. They moved to meet, and betray, Tweed Stitch, but a small group of ponies including Delta, Mahogany, and Autumn Blaze confronted and defeated the two. Mite and Tick were turned over to the guard and imprisoned in Canterlot, while Flea was killed.


Imprisoned in Canterlot, Mite became a model prisoner, working with the Guard to discuss her past, Changelings, and cooperating with whatever requests the Guard had. However, Mite had devoured a substantial amount of strength from Trixingno's Crystal, and began referring to herself with a feminine gender. With her new-found powers, she began to manipulated the Guards, subverting the prison in preparation for her escape.

Aidan, a Griffon, visited Mite in prison, proposing a job for her, to ensnare and capture his brother, the Griffon Muir. Coming to an agreement, Mite soon broke out of the prison, freeing Tick along the way, as well as slaying the guard Callow Ward.

Returning to Ponyville, Mite and Tick arranged for Muir's capture, and Mite took Muir's place, feeding off of Sleet. Mite played her part perfectly, and as she continued to grow stronger, she began to sever loose ends. At her command, Tick killed Aidan, and then returned to the bar in Ponyville, where Mite ensured he would lead Muir's friends to him.

The ponies rushed off to save their friend, and Mite arranged for help from the Swayback Mountain hives, allowing her to slip away from Ponyville. The ponies returned home, believing Mite dead and their friend safe. But Mite had played everyone for fools. Once more she had escaped death, ensured that no pursuit would follow her, and in the town of Bridelington, using the identity Silver Ray, she celebrated her victory, preparing to start anew.

But the one detail she'd overlooked, the death of Callow Ward, had sealed her fate. In the Hotel Suite of Bridelington, Mite was ambushed by the Guard's relative, Windy Ward, who summarily executed Mite without preamble. Mite's corpse was found by Bridelington authorities the next day, the mystery of Silver Ray and the dead changeling remain unsolved.