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Cast Ostfriesen
First appearance March 10, 2013
Creator Thattagen
Player Invidlord
Species Dragon
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Death
Family Meadowlark - Heir
Mary - Blood Bound
Sue - Blood Bound
Significant Other

Basic Information

The largest Dragon ever known, Monolyth is the precursor of the entire race.


Stoic and brooding, Discord once described Monolyth as "Monotone." As the personification of Death, Monolyth is concerned with many long term plans and schemes to further his ends.

Pre-RP History

Monolyth's origins are shrouded in mystery. His existence in this world is a mystery, barely more than a legend in the oldest of libraries.

Long he slept. Over 1000 years ago, Monolyth was awoken by unknown forces working within Olymponis's Forge. He tore through the volcano, and through the Cloud city itself, killing many.

Fearing assault, the ponies of Ostfriesen Castle rallied behind the banner of Queen Tapioca, and legend states that when Monolyth attacked, she stood against him, and broke his tooth with on punch.

His intentions misunderstood, Monolyth surrendered to Tapioca, requesting she act as his emissary to the other kingdoms. He granted the ponies boons as part of his pact. Tapioca requested her Kingdom always be affluent and powerful, while the Leader of the decimated Olymponis, King Bellerophon, requested immortality so that he could eternally serve to protect the innocent.

Monolyth seized the opportunity presented to him, and magically infused Tapioca's unborn twins with a portion of his power as a seal to ensure his boon remained in effect upon Ostfriesen.

Monolyth fled North to Horseskull Crater, where he buried himself deep underground and slept once again. Through his dreams, he continues to work upon the world.

95 years ago, he reached out to find a Servant, and recruited the young Dragon Meadowlark to serve as his aid and student.

RP History

Monolyth was sought out by Mary, Sue, Promethea Flamehoof, and Bellerophon in an attempt to free Amethyst Vein's body of Bellerophon's soul before his personality overrode hers. The group faced Meadowlark, disguised as a pony, who was ordered to pass judgement upon the group. Deeming them worthy, Meadowlark led them down in the the depths of the Horseskull Crater to face her master.

Monolyth could only speak to the group telepathically, as they were dwarfed by his enormity. Only his eye was visible to them, and they stood before it in awe to make their request. For reasons that remain unknown, Monolyth freed Amethyst, and allowed Bellerophon to be released from his boon, granting him death and peace. He continues to await the day Mary and Sue come to him to fulfill their destiny.

Questioning his own plans, Monolyth released Meadowlark from her service, curious to see what would happen to her without his influence dictating her actions. Now, he watches and waits as he always has, and sleeps until the final day comes for him.