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Natural "Nassy" Seven

Cast Retired
First appearance
Creator NightofAcordianSax
Player NightofAcordianSax
Species Earth Pony
Age 32
Gender Female
Occupation Gambler/Ex mobster
Significant Other

Basic Information


Laid back, Nassy cracks wise and pokes fun, but does it only in good fun. She sometimes takes things too far without realizing it. She’s not the smartest, but when it comes to his passions (Gambling, city life) she can hold her own with the brightest of ponies. When the topic turns to something she’s not expecting, she’s poor at hiding her emotions, and can reveal too much when caught flat footed. While seemingly good natured, she can be slightly cold and rough without meaning to be.

Pre-RP History

Born in Manehatten, both her parents worked at a young age. Her Father was often gone for extended periods, so she was primarily raised by his mother when she was off work. She earned his cutie mark when she figured out the statistical best way to play a simple dice game popular with the kids at school. She joined with the Manehatten Mafia while still in highschool, and forwent college so she could rise up the ranks of the organization. After a few years with the family, she ran away, and spent the next ten years running from city to city trying to keep one step ahead. While on the run, she met and dated a young Lovecolt, however the relationship ended when her past caught back up with her. At one point, she began taking gender-swapping potions in an attempt to hide her identity. Her running eventually took her to Ponyville, after her latest run-in with the Mob.

RP History

Shortly after running into Ponyville, bitless and without a real goal, Nassy (then Nass) Meets Lovecolt again after many years. Her original plan of just getting a quick bit and then getting out of town soon falls apart, and she starts to get attached to the other ponies in the bar, who convince him not to leave town. Gil, leader of the Manehatten mob, makes a visit to Ponyville finding Nass while he’s there. Luckily, Lovecolt ‘convinces’ Gil to leave town and never come back. With new found freedom, Nass returns to being Nassy, and starts trying to move on with her life. She starts working on building better relationships, and eventually starts dating Mahogany. While they’re relationship has had ups and downs, notably a short break up when Mahogany’s father burst in on Nassy proposing to Mahogany, the two have managed to stick together for the most part.